Local Art Lessons

I teach art to children and adults of all ages and all skill level - from beginners to more advanced students - within the Jackson, Mississippi Metro area and surrounding cities!

My Mission:

As a young child I was told that I couldn't draw.  Not only that I couldn't but that I should not ever draw.  My mother did not believe that statement and so she sought out a private art teacher for me.  If it hadn't been for my mother and those early art lessons, I wouldn't be the artist I am today.

I want to give children and adults the opportunity to learn art in a dedicated environment where it's totally ok to make a mess, to have fun experimenting with supplies, and to learn basic foundations.  I fully believe that a lifelong love of art starts early and that creativity should always be encouraged. 

What I Teach:

My background is solid and standard art education.  I teach the basics of drawing, the foundations of art principle, and carry those lessons through more advanced levels.  I teach painting, block printing, art journaling, book binding, and more. 

Drawing - graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, pen and ink
Painting - watercolor, acrylic, oil

I am a mixed media artist.  I use a huge variety of materials and media to produce my own work.  These include collage, stamping, stenciling, inks, paint, water-soluble media, wood burning, block printing, simple hand and machine sewing, fabric, and much more.

It is very important to me to teach others how to "see as an artist" and to have faith in their own abilities.  I teach self-confidence and creativity.  I encourage messy play, growth, and change.  I teach others how to let go of the fear of not being "good enough".

Where I Teach:

I teach out of the Gypsy Owl Art Co. studio in my own home.  This is a dedicated art space where it's ok to get paint on the tables, the floor, and the walls!  This is my own personal studio in Clinton, Mississippi.

I can also teach on location - a local park or your home upon request. *

* I do not currently have any affiliation with any schools, businesses, or churches where I teach.  If you would like me to come to any of those locations, further arrangements will need to be made.

When I Teach:

I teach Sunday afternoon through Thursday evening.

Each lesson is usually one hour long but can be extended.

Please e-mail me for available times.

I do teach during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week.
I do not teach Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


Private Lessons in my studio - $15.00 an hour
Private Lessons on location - $20.00 an hour

Family rates are available.
Group rates are available for groups of five or more.

There is an initial $30.00 Supply Fee.

Lessons can be contracted on a weekly or monthly basis.

Interested in Lessons?

Contact me via e-mail:  gypsyowlartco@gmail.com

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