Charming Clover Studios?

What on earth is Charming Clover Studios?

Well... that's me.  It used to be me before I had a dream.

For almost a year I worked under the heading of Charming Clover Studios.  It was my watermark, my videos, my YouTube channel, my blog... you name it!

Then one night I had a dream.  In this dream, I was sitting in front of a huge canvas painting an owl.  A beautiful tawny owl with turquoise highlights on her feathers and deep turquoise eyes.  She had a piercing expression that spoke to my soul.  I asked this owl, "Who are you?"  She answered, "I'm you."  Because, you know paintings can totally talk in dreams!

When I woke up I could still see this beautiful painting in my mind.  For days I carried it around and pondered it.  A gypsy owl?  I couldn't shake it.  From then on I decided to follow my dream and changed my blog and all of my social media to the Gypsy Owl Art Co. 

One day I will paint her.  I can still - over a year later! - see every brush stroke in the paint... every line and feather.  My dream owl is real... even if she's only real to me.  She is me and I am her.

So yeah... if you come across old blog posts (which I imported from the old one as they were) or social media or pictures with watermarks (or anything really) that says: Charming Clover Studios... it's mine!

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