Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's Not Your Job...

Oh my goodness!  Can it really be that I've managed to post (about non personal, non crazy, non stressful junk) three times in one week?  I sure have!!  Ok, I have a confession... there's a schedule option to these blog posts and I wrote them all at the same time.  But hey!!  Points to me for being able to sit down and do it all in the same day!!

So Kit #2 of my Creative Team Membership for Crowabout Studiob at Mischief Circus.  (That was a mouthful.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Gasp!  Go read this post... My Creative Team Debut)

Ok, you're back?  Ready to see what I was talking about?  Good.

Of the several pages I have crated in my two months as a new little Crow, I really really love the green one.  Green isn't really my color.  I don't use it often and especially not with a combination of brown or orange - also not my favorite colors.  I'm more of a Turquoise, hot pink, and purple kinda gal.  But there is just something about it that I ADORE.

So here's the kit...
Both page backgrounds started with Art C Ultra Chalk Paint.  I love the blend-ability and the texture of this paint so much!  For "Stage" I used White and Country Green.  For "Job" I used Turquoise and White.  Over both of these backgrounds I dry brushed a little Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold (by Golden) that I mixed with and created a lovely transparent Glaze (using Glazing Medium by Golden) in spots.  This is my favorite way to get a little "age" or "rust" on a piece without being too heavy handed.

After the backgrounds dried, I added my collage elements and added shading using Faber-Castell Gelatos.  Mocha for "Stage" and Blueberry for "Job"  My handy dandy Stabilo All pencil and white Dylusions paint pen added doodling, words, and marks while a pink Paint Over Marker (Jane Davenport) added words and doodles to "Job".

Both pages were created in one of my on going large Dylusions journals.  No prep of the pages before starting.  And note the "dullness" especially of the reds... I printed this kit at home.  Again, it totally works here!

(click the kit image to be taken to the Crowabout Studiob Shop)

I actually printed out the picture I took of "Stage" and have it hanging in my studio.  There's something about it that I just really like.  Very much like I can't believe I made it and also somehow I managed to create a lot of depth with the shading.  It just speaks to me.  Fake it til you make it is one of my favorite mantras!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my pages.  Now go make some of your own!!

Much love,

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