Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm Still Fabulous...

Hi Chickens!  I'm back again with a couple more pages and another new kit from Crowabout Studiob to share!!  I really hope y'all aren't tired of seeing these by now.

This kit was one of the more challeging ones.  I really wanted to use that adorable deer head but that's about all the idea I had!!

I cut a single 9x12 sheet of watercolor paper in half to create two 6x9 pages.  Side by side they fit nicely in a single 9x12 frame.  But they're a little overwhelming side by side so I'm going to have to figure out different framing for them eventually.

The kit...
 (click the kit image to be taken to the Crowabout Studiob Shop)

 So I printed this kit at work with a laser printer... notice how the reds are so very red?  With so much red in this kit, I wanted the colors to be true. 

I cut out all my pieces and started playing around with figuring out my characters.  I couldn't decide between the deer and the girl so I chose to do both. 

For the backgrounds, I wanted to make the two pages completely different while still using the same color palette.  Ah ha!  I painted one of them black using DecoArt Americana in Soft Black which is not quite as harsh as just black.  I also used Cinnamon Drop, Bright Orange, and Saffron Yellow.  I used a brayer and two stencils by The Crafters Workshop - Harlequin and Art Deco Leaves (which by the way is one of my favorite stencils).  Add collage elements and then time to doodle!!

Because of the darkness of the pages, I needed something that would really pop off the page.  Sakura Moonlight pens are perfect.  They're neon, creamy, and awesome. 

You know, I'm not actually getting paid by any of these companies to hawk their products.  I just love sharing what I love to use.  If I can help fuel someones art supply addiction, then by all means!!  I'm going to be a bad influence!!  Haha.  It's my friend Belen's fault.  She always posts her yummy supplies and of course, i have to go buy some too.  Blame it on Belen!!


As much as I originally loved the deer head element, I think "Whatever" is actually my favorite page.  I believe I have actually said those words a time or two myself!

Well, I've got stuff to do.  Like a brand new kit to play with so....... bye!

Much love,

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