Friday, March 4, 2016

Documented Life Project - the unPlanner - Week 9

This year is a Leap Year so I've included only February in this week.  I glued in a page of lined Notepaper by Bo Bunny to the back of my Weekly View page listing things I have accomplished this month.

 This week's PAC challenge was to incorporate a small photograph or magazine page.  I chose to print out some teeny tiny pictures from last week's birthday party.  I pulled out the sewing machine again and stitched each PAC into a page protector.

This week includes our Monthly Pocket Picks.  One of my officers at work found a peacock feather left over from the Lunar Festival held on campus and thought I'd like it.  He knows me so well!  I of course loved it and have been keeping it just for this.  I finally caved and purchased a Photo Fuse tool to use on my page protectors.  Yes... specifically for this layout.  But I'm sure I'll use it lots this year.  After this year?  Probably not so much!

I cut a 6 x 6 piece of patterned scrapbook paper from my stash into pieces and fused them in using my tool.  I stamped and embossed the "You are a free spirit" from a new stamp set I picked up at Michael's.  It was not easy getting that feather to behave and I still didn't get it as beautifully arranged as I would have liked but it makes me happy to look at it and that is what counts!

That's my month of February completed.  I have added so many little bits and pieces to my binder that I just am not going to be able to fit in another thing!  The ladies who run the Documented Life Project stated that they could fit six whole months into a single binder this size.  I'm not sure how they're managing but it isn't going to happen for me.  I ordered some more binders a couple of weeks ago so by the end of the year I will have six binders in total with two months in each.  I think they'll look quite nice lined up on a shelf at the end of the year with Volumes 1-6 showing!

Here is my full Volume One:

 I have to admit, it looks quite enticing with all of those colored edges and bright bits of ribbon peeking from the top!

I'll see you back next week with a peek into March!

Until then,

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