Thursday, February 4, 2016

Journal 52 Week Five


Let me start by saying that I struggle with Monochromatic.  It's not that I can't tint or shade, it's just that I want so badly to grab other colors.

The background for this page started out by stamping my gelli plate onto my page using Primary Magenta, Quinacridone Magenta, Quinacridone Red, and Titanium White.  I also used the Crafter's Workshop template "Chevron Tiles" which I placed on my page and stamped through.  Love the pattern I got from it.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the background at this stage.  (Shameless plug... go follow me on Instagram!)

I had an idea of where I wanted this to go and I deviated from the plan and decided I really didn't like it.  I used the butterfly (now in white) from the Urban Ink "Spirited" stencil and a Media Mister in Red.  I was too heavy with the spray and it bled terribly.  Plus it was very very red!  I wiped up as much as I could but it still left smears behind.  I thought I might could salvage it by using a Media Mister in Primary Magenta and a Mandala stencil.  I wish I'd skipped the butterflies all together because I love the mandala.  Oh well.  Live and learn right?

I was extremely lost after this so I used Titanium White and the Spirited stencil to add the butterflies back in and add the word "Love".  Because pink and red and white look like Valentine's Day to me!

I was going to outline the butterflies in black but as you can see, I abandoned that idea after doing only one.  I inked the edges with black archival ink and added a few stamped words from Donna Downey.  Then I walked away.  I don't think I could really make it any worse but I'm really not sure I could make it any better so we'll just chalk this one up to a "yeah that didn't work" page.  I can totally do that because it's my art journal.  :)


I had no trouble with this page.  Go figure.  I started out "stamping" my background with my gelli plate again.  I used a combination of blues, green, and purple which I covered with a thin layer of white.  Using the Rosetta stencil by the Crafter's Workshop and Primary Magenta and Shimmer Yellow Misters I created a fun focal image.  It looks very much like looking through a kaleidoscope to me!

Once dry, I used the Urban Ink - Spirited stencil for the word "dream" in black and wrote the rest using a Molotow Signal White marker.  I used a sponge pouncer and carbon black paint to "grunge up" the edges.  Kaleidoscopes were always a little dark on the edges as I remember and I wanted to carry that over to this page.

I certainly had a lot more fun with this prompt than the Monochromatic!

That's my share for the week!  I'll be back tomorrow to share my latest Documented Life Project page.

Until then,

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