Friday, February 5, 2016

Documented Life Project - the unPlanner - Week Five

Hello and Happy Friday again!  We're well into February by now but I'm sharing the last week of January today.  I've been crazy busy creating lots of fun journal pages this week.  For some reason I've decided to jump into doing Journal 52 with both feet so of course I'm running to catch up.  I'll be posting about that soon.

Until then, enjoy my quick end of the month pieces...

Anyway, to end January I added a page to the back of my last Weekly View with a glue stick and washi tape.  I want to include a little "What Did I Accomplish" section for every month.  That way I can see quickly what I managed to get done in a month.  And yes, paying bills is an accomplishment!

This strange thing on right is my PAC for the week.  The prompt was to let someone else draw or mark on your PAC and you finish.  I gave a gelli printed background to my oldest (who's 14) and she promises me this is supposed to be a velociraptor.  Some sort of conglomeration of bird plus reptile based on a comic she reads.  I have no clue!  I added a few marks with a Stabilo All pencil, some turquoise splatters and inked the edges.

Well that's it!  I told you it was short. 

 Ok, so that's not quite it.  Because of the way the weeks are falling this year, my Weekly View page for week five is actually in the month of February.

The little foxes, leaves, and star stamps are from a set by Gorjuss (the fox girl). On the back of this week's page I attached a To Do list and a list of new art supplies I am seriously coveting.

I'll see you back next week with a much more exciting share.

Until then,

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  1. Hi Brenda Lee, two great pages. I really like the idea of including a list of stuff accomplished at the end of each month. In fact, I like it so much I'm going to start including it in my diary from now on. I'm like you, I'd have to take your daughter's word for it that that is what what a velociraptor looks like :) Have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx


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