Monday, February 29, 2016

30 Days of Lists - Preperation

It's that time of year again where a few minutes of each day is filled with a bit of listing!  I know I didn't do the usual run up to this challenge but that doesn't mean I didn't prepare for it in a big way!

I like to make a different sort of journal for each month's list - using all sorts of different techniques.  For this month's challenge, I wanted to make a Concertina Journal using craft tags.

My craft tags are Kraft paper tags by Ranger.  I used Tim Holtz Tissue Tape to bind each tag to the next creating hinges.  I did actually over count how many tags I needed and therefore have extra.  Oh well!

Once all my tags were hinged together, I gesso'd over both sides lightly.  I wasn't going for full coverage but enough coverage so I would get true colors with my paints.

Speaking of paints - you know how I love my bright colors.  This was going to be a rainbow of color!  I used various DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics as well as Snow (Titanium) White Americana acrylic.  No, I did not go in a ROYGBIV pattern, I just went with what I felt like!  Pink, purple, green, turquoise, orange, yellow, blue, and black.

When the whole journal is stretched flat, it is several feet long.  I'm so glad the tables in my studio are "long ways" so they could accommodate it all!

As each color section dried, I added some white so my pen would show up in the "list area", stamped circles of white and black, smears of black with a palette knife, and lines stamped with a credit card.  I also used the 5 x 8 Dotted Flowers stencil by Dylusions to add dots and circles in white and one of the base colors in each color section.

To add the date to each tag, I used a 1" circle punch and vintage dictionary paper.  I adhered using Matte Medium after stamping the number in black archival ink and Dylusions number stamps.

Here are all of my tags:

As always, just before listing starts in earnest on the first of the month, the ladies over at #30Lists encourage a Warm Up Blog Hop using the lists from March 2011.  Here is my contribution to the blog hop.

 This year's March #30Lists Challenge marks my one year anniversary of participating in this listing challenge!  I am officially and seriously hooked on it.  It's so small and easy to take with me where ever I go.  I know a lot of folks who list do so without creating such an elaborate and time consuming journal and theirs always turn out so beautifully.  I just really enjoy trying out something I've never ever done before on this small scale.  Although I think "small scale" is maybe relative.

If you're participating I would love to know about it!  If you've never participated you really should!  Visit to find out all about it!

As usual, I will be sharing my daily lists on Instagram with a weekly recap here on the blog.

Hope to see you and your lists soon!

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