Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOYWW - New Goodies and Lots of Projects

Hello All!  Welcome back to another edition of WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday)!  No idea what this is?  It's where we crafty people let you lot into our work spaces for a hedonistic exploration of our messes!

More info and desks can be found at Julia's - the Queen of hedonistic desk expeditions!

 Here is the beginning of my mess!  My (new) box full of Sizzix goodies, lots of paints, my brayer, some hand cut stencils (hand cut out of a manila file folder), my small gelli plate, and a 4x6 card I'm working on.  You'll notice that I finally changed out my under paper as well!

 Here's the other side of that mess!  Modeling paste, glue, lots of die cuts, palette knives, and Faber-Castell's texture combs.

My big book of stencils!  This is how I store all of my small stencils - inside page protectors in 3 Brad (plastic) folders.  It's been a great system for storing them.

The orange basket in the corner contains strips and scraps I want to use in my DLP unPlanner.  The ATCs you can see in the top are for a swap with a Southwestern theme.  I'll share those soon!

So I wasn't sure where I was going to store my BigKick machine and keep it handy so I'll remember to use it until I remembered that I had this book case outside!  I found it weeks ago - the book case that is - on the side of the road.  The back panels need to be re-nailed but otherwise it was in great shape.  I took it out back and started spray painting it.  I ran out of paint and while it was drying it started to rain.  I had forgotten it was out there so it warped pretty badly in some places.  Oh well!  The weather has been way too inconsistent to finish painting it so I'll just have to wait until spring.  Until then, it is the perfect size for my machine and the photo box which sits on the shelf to it's left.  I actually have enough room to stack two photo boxes on top of each other!  Great!  Because I know I will be getting more dies.  I just have a feeling, ya know?  It also gives me a place to put my other spinner that I keep my Distress stuff in at a much more manageable level.  I've had it on top of my tallest cube and I'm short.  It was out of the way and not useful.  So glad to be able to easily grab my Distress supplies now!

Now if I can just figure out where to put my Raskog cart!

Here's the top now.  See where that lamp is?  Yeah, I couldn't really reach my stuff from there!

And of course, last but not least... my other table.  Can y'all tell who's been "helping" me in the Studio lately?  It's pretty awesome though because this week she has actually started calling it "the Studio"!  Which just makes me smile!

That's my space this week!  I hope you enjoy exploring!

See you next week!

Until then,


  1. what a great room your studio is! I like your stencil storage, too, that's a great idea. Helen #1

  2. I like how your desk is by a window to bring in the natural light. I think I'd be a daydreamer if my desk was in front of windows.. I'd not be able to finish my cards.

    1. It gives me the chance to be nosey and keep an eye on the neighbors and watch for the UPS guy! :)

  3. Great idea for your Sizzix! Mine is sticking out on top of a bookcase lol. I love the spinners you have. They look like great storage pieces. I really like the owl picture I see on your wall - very colourful.

    Thanks for sharing your photos

    Sharon K #49

    1. Thank you Sharon! I was so glad when I found those spinners on clearance at Michael's that I snagged 3 of them! I could really use 3 or 4 more but I really don't have the space for them. Aww thanks! I painted that owl for my youngest daughter's nursery. She kept knocking it off the wall so it ended up on my wall.

  4. It's tough to figure out what to do with our bulky tools but your space is looking good with all those Paints and that blue shelf looks wonderful in that colour
    Hugs Nikki 6

  5. Nice storage place for your machine. I like to keep my 'stuff' in sight too or I forget I have it. :-)
    April #58

  6. Ooh er. I must go to my desk and be hedonistic today!! Love the variety going on at your place, the stencils are ace, cut from card makes them ultra useful. You seem to have a thing for chicken wire too! I love the new bookcase, but my die cutter would have to be on top, and that's where I'd use it. Having to take it out and find room to use would be a killer for me! lAzy huh!!

    1. Thanks Julia! I find that every layer of paint I add to them makes them that much stronger. I do have a thing for chicken wire. I'm not terribly sure why, but it makes me happy!

  7. Looks like you have been busy as has your helper. Peg

  8. You've got amazing crafty space! Those pinners are awesome! And you've even got some space for more supplies! Thanks for the tip on the media art misters!


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