Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WOYWW - It's a New Year!

Hello everyone!  I'm back with another What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!!  I can't remember the last time I actually participated but I have missed it and so am going to try to make myself start back up.

I have quite a lot of changes in the studio... so we'll start with the picture above.

My Documented Life Project 2015 journal is still open and getting some love.  I'm nearly finished with the very last few pages and I want to make it as full as possible before I put in away on a shelf.  There are inks and stamps and my cup of tea as well as the blue legs of my camera stand.

My "main" table is still right where I like it - directly in front of the window so I have some natural light as well as the opportunity to be nosey about who's driving around the neighborhood!

Now we move to the right of my "main" table and what do we see?  Not a new table... but a table where my easel used to be!  I just realize I totally made that rhyme! 

I have some new additions here!  Some Recollections Cube storage from Michaels (a happy birthday to me from me).  Some very well loved underpaper.. some bubble wrap all painty from stamping, a fun little scrap of paper from my sweet little art student - her first lesson of the year was today, and a Bo Bunny Binder... beginnings of my DLP 2016 unPlanner.

Here is the right side of my new set up.  Eventually, I want to put up a few shelves in this corner.  I'm not going to tell you what anything is... I'm going to let you be as snoopy and nosey as you want!  If you have any questions though... I will totally answer them!

Sorry for the light wash-out but I was trying to illuminate the underside of my tables.

New heat tool - my last one was starting to spark!  And boxes that hold paper and cardstock, stuff for my Cricut and Sewing Machine as well as that (still) unpainted metal thing that is probably one of the most useful things I have ever picked up from the side of the road!

My white table is still student/kid space.  It's so darn useful!  My student is beginning charcoal and her sketchbook and stuff is still out.

This also shows a really good shot of my camera mount.  PVC pipe spray painted blue with clip on shop lights (daylight bulbs) and a bicycle camera mount to hold my camcorder (not attached at the moment)  I can pull the whole set up closer to me so I can actually work on it and that brings my lights and camera where I need them to be!

No, there isn't enough light in here at all!  I really want to get one of those extendable arm lamps for the right hand corner to illuminate that a little more directly.

Here is a slightly more turned picture of the left side of my main area.  Still has all my paints and storage trunk.  That big white thing is another Recollections Storage piece from Michaels that a friend gave me.  I use it to house my student's supplies.

So that's what's on my desk!  Maybe next week I will think about turning around and photographing the other side of the studio. 

I have really struggled with finding a good working layout for this room.  The real problems I have are that it's a pass through room from the front door/living room to the dining room where the computer is.  The kids are in and through it all day long and of course, they like to hang out when I'm in there.  So it has to be totally functional for me to spread out/ pull my big studio easel out and reach everything as well as have enough work space for up to four people at any given time.  Plus I cannot stand to be closed in and crowded.  I'm grateful though that I have such an awesome dedicated room because I know of so many who don't... I didn't until we moved here!  But I've been working with this new set up for a little over a week and I'm really liking the flow of it.  So I think this one may stick!

 Case in point!  Here is my little one being very silly in the studio!  She got that slide for Christmas and now that I've rearranged things there is enough space for me to work and her to slide!  My little daredevil!

See y'all next week for another episode of WOYWW!

Until then,


  1. what a lovely space, totally love those storage units from Michaels. Couldn't help but my eye fell on your profile and it made me laugh. Vicky#9

  2. Your space seems to be shaping up for great creative work in 2016. I too put away my easel in favor of a table. I tend to work flat anyway and it was taking up space I needed for more hoarding (plastic drawers under the table) Glad to see you have joined back up with WOYWW :) Shel/PaperOcotilloStudio #14


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