Monday, January 11, 2016

Gelli Printed Circle Reinforcers

Hello everyone!  I've been working on my DLP 2016 unPlanner™ and I wanted to make some awesome painty reinforcers.

I had my Gelli Arts Gelli® Plate out making some painty paper to use in my unPlanner™ and I wondered if I could make painty reinforcers in the same way.  I worried that the stickiness of the plate plus paint would pull the reinforcers off their backing.  I decided to try and it worked perfectly!!

The only catch was that if I wasn't quick enough and pulled my "print" before it started drying, the reinforcers would come off the backing.  No problem to get them off and place them back though.

I decided to take a little video of my efforts and share it with you..

I hope you enjoyed that! 

I have used a variety of paints on my Gelli plate and I have to admit that I love craft paint the best.  The paints I used for these reinforcers are Americana by DecoArt.  I love all the fun colors and names of these paints and I use them over and over again.  

Now, go and make awesome painty things with your Gelli Arts Gelli® Plate!


  1. This is wonderful! I had never thought of gelli printing on reinforcers, but I want to go out and get my hands on some now. Thanks for posting the video as well. I enjoyed seeing it. Fabulous idea.


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