Friday, January 1, 2016

Documented Life Project - Week Fifty Two

December Theme
Storytelling with the Written Word

December 26

Art Challenge: Storytelling

Journal Prompt:  Storytelling as an underlying fabric

This is my very last spread for DLP 2015!  I actually finished ever single challenge and have a beautiful full to bursting journal to show for it.

I started the page with a good layer of gesso.  I had some Neocolor II's that bled through from the other side of each page and I wanted a "clean slate".  Once dry, I used a Uni-Ball Signo Bold pen in black to write a little recap of all the things I've accomplished and that have happened in 2015.

Mind you... while it's the first day of 2016 for this post, I did actually complete this page last night before midnight!  So I did actually finish it in 2015!

After I filled both pages up with my "story" - I love how you can see it peeking through the background but can't pick out more than a word or two here and there... but I know what it says! - I used Prussion Blue and Violet Neocolor II's randomly around the page.  I added some gold stars using a stencil.  I don't know about y'all but I can never ever get a clean impression with those stars!  I had some left over gold on my dabber so I added a few streaks and blobs here and there.

While all of that was drying, I started drawing and coloring my girl on a separate piece of watercolor paper.  I've done this a few times this year... when the background was going to be water soluble or too difficult to get a nice clean face.  Of course I used my favorite Neocolor II & Inktense pencil coloring method.  I'm getting a lot better at it if I do say so myself!  I cut her out and adhered her using Matte Medium.  I really should have used a gel medium but was too lazy to get up and get it!

To give my bald girl hair, I used Blackberry Violet (isn't this one of the yummiest colors ever???) and painted a generous but still semi-translucent layer.  I love how the blue Neocolor II peeks through and adds depth and shadows to the hair!  I added a few strands in a lighter purple and white after the acrylic had dried.

Her hat is actually book paper and unless you get up really close you almost can't tell that there is text on it!  I should have had a lighter hand with the silver paint.  Live and learn I guess!  I still love how it turned out though.  I added stars and the border using Dylusions stamps and archival ink and wrote 2016 on her New Years party hat.  I added little rhinestones from my stash for some extra bling.  Since I already had the silver paint out I decided to add some silver starts to go with the gold ones.

I outlined a few of the stars, added some Remnant Rubs, a little Good-bye and Hello message and of course a great big "happy new year"!  To finish it all off though, it needed just a little more sparkle.  It was New Year's Eve after all and while I wasn't out at a party, I was having a lovely time having an end of the year DLP party!  And glitter always makes everything better!  I rummaged around until I found a bottle of "clear" glitter glue (by Recollections) and added it everywhere!  It kind of looks like confetti or bits of stars falling and I love the effect!

That's it y'all!  I still can't believe I actually finished the whole challenge!  Each and every page...while not always on time, at least within the year.  What a journey!  What fun!  What a wonderful thing to look back on in years to come!  What an amazing thing to leave for my girls and future grandchildren!

I had decided several weeks ago that I wasn't going to participate in 2016's DLP.  It's a "planner" type challenge and those just really aren't my thing.  Well... I got to looking at it again and thought that I really ought to just give it a try.  Yes, there is a charge for it this year ($12) but it's such a small amount and it looks like it will be much less "involved".  Lists and little notes rather than big journal spreads and therefore much less time consuming.  So I said "what the heck" and signed up.  Of course, that means that I am going to be behind at the beginning having only signed up for it on Wednesday (the 30th).  But I've just placed an online order so I ought to have some new supplies to play with next week!  But!!!  That means that y'all will get to continue seeing my DLP Friday posts!

I'm also planning to participate in Wanderlust 2016 as well as LifeBook 2016 and possibly Journal52 so I'm expecting to have a super busy year full of lots and lots of growth and art and creativity!

But until then, I'm going to spend the weekend at work filling up the last few empty pages of this Journal!  I don't see why I should leave empty pages in an otherwise completely full journal!  I'll be sharing those pages next week so be sure to stop by and check them out.

Until then,
Happy New Year y'all!

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