Friday, January 1, 2016

Beginning Documented Life Project 2016 - the unPlanner

Happy New Year!  It's time for DLP 2016!  This year the lovely ladies at Art to the 5th have chosen to go back to a planner style project.  I really enjoyed the art journal last year but I am more of an art journal person.  Planners are not and have never been my thing.  I'm still trying to push myself in new and different directions and this year is all about believing I can do anything.  So I'm playing along.

In the beginning, it was all about gathering supplies and printing stuff out!  I am using a Bo Bunny Misc Me (C'est la Vie collection) 8" x 9" binder.  The ladies at DLP say they can fit everything in two binders.  Yeah... not believing that one!  I'll be lucky if I fit two months in one binder!  But I'm ok with that!  How cool will it be to have six volumes sitting on my shelf at the end of the year?  Very!

Everything was printed out using the printouts provided by the Art to the 5th ladies on white, manila, and kraft cardstock.  I chose to use cardstock because it'll hold up better than just regular paper.  And I got it on sale - 4 for $10 at Michael's!

While I love the cover of this binder, y'all know I have to make it my own.

I started with a layer of gesso.  Then it was time to paint!  Layers and layers of bright colors, fun stencils, stamps, and even a little watercolored tag later...

Volume One is complete!  At least the cover any how!

I left the inside of the covers as they came.  I think it will provide a nice neutral backdrop for my vibrant art.  I created a little tag to go right up front with the words "make art everyday".  Just a little reminder to myself to... well, make art everyday!

There is also a Monthly Schedule for the project so I can know what's coming up next.  The scalloped piece you can see is from a pack of Bo Bunny dividers that I was going to use but decided I really didn't want to.  But this little piece serves as a division between my monthly stuff and my beginning stuff.

I'm so excited to participate in this year's project.  Like I said, planners are not my thing.  I've tried to keep them over the years and it just all falls apart within a couple of weeks.  With this being an "unPlanner" and very artsy I'm thinking I can probably keep it going.

I'll be posting weekly again this year on Friday with the week's challenges.  See you next Friday!

Until then,

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