Monday, January 4, 2016

Art Journal Page - Shine

Hello everyone!  Today is the start of a very interesting week!  To begin with... it's my birthday today!  They say age is just a number and some days I feel 20, other days I feel about 50.  I'm actually in my 30's.  And I'll just leave it at that!  Tomorrow is going to be interesting... we're getting OC Certified at work!  For those of you who have no clue what that means - OC Spray is Law Enforcement grade pepper spray.  In order to get certified you have to have to take a class and be sprayed in the face with the stuff!  From what I hear, it's absolutely awful!  But it's only awful for one day and I'll never have to get sprayed again.

On a positive note though, most of my supplies for DLP 2016 will be in by Wednesday and I can get started on that!  I'm so excited!  Especially since I had originally decided to sit this year out and then changed my mind after thinking "It's only $12.  Even if I don't finish or really like it, it's only $12" and then reading just what all is (and isn't) involved and going "yes!  I do want to do that!"  Go figure.  I did some Pinterest searching on planners and what not thinking I might get an actual planner to play in as well - all the while hearing the voices in my head scream that I'm trying to bite off way more than I can chew! - and so decided that I really couldn't find one that really "fitted" me.  So then I thought... I'll make my own.  I'll start with a binder and put in pages I want --------- OH WAIT!  THAT'S WHAT DLP 2016 IS ALL ABOUT!!!!  So I dropped the idea of a separate planner completely!  Silly me!

I am also starting Life Book 2016 in the next day or so and will be starting Wanderlust 2016 next week!  My year is going to be so full of artsy awesomeness!!!  (A big Happy Birthday to me!)

So anyway, to segue completely in a different direction...I promised y'all last Friday that I would share the pages I did over the weekend in my DLP journal to fill in those empty pages.  Here's the first one!

This lovely lady is inspired bye adorable Tam of Willowing.  She has done several works with beautiful girls with long flowing hair (my Baby It's Cold Outside page is also inspired by the same series of girls by Tam).  Of course, Neocolor II's and Inktense pencils were involved!  After my girl was complete, layers of stenciling, stamping, and doodles were added.

I also added a few stars using Modeling Paste here and there and lots of silvery glitter glue dots.

The stamped phrases come from a Donna Downey set (by Unity Stamp Co.) called Art & Possibility.  I chose four phrases: "embrace possibility", "do what makes you happy", "inspiration is everywhere", and "everything happens for a reason".  These phrases as well as the written "Shine" are sort of affirmations and things I need to remind myself of regularly.

That's my share for today!  Check back tomorrow for another page!

 As always,

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