Friday, January 29, 2016

Documented Life Project 2016 - the unPlanner - Week Four

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  It's time for another weekly share of my Documented Life Project unPlanner pages.  The more I delve into this year's DLP, the more I actually like it.  I don't usually have a ton of things going on and not a huge amount of "documenting" to do but I like jotting down little things and making small pieces of art to add in - things I can do while sitting on the couch or something.  It's also leaving me quite a bit of time for other little projects.  For example, I managed to make two sets of ATCs this week for swaps!

Here are my pages...

My weekly page so far.  Lots of doodles.  Not too much in "documentation" other than my youngest (Piper) was super brave for the first time getting a shot!  Always a big step for any almost three year old.  Cat stamp by Suzi Blu.  I added in this little gelli printed list so I could keep up with my ATC Club swaps this year.  I can move this list from month to month and at the end I'll have a nice list of what I did when.

The picture above and to the left are the front and then reverse sides of a piece of kraft cardstock I had cut to originally use for some sort of list.  Well, it didn't work out that way!  Instead I used it to doodle on!  Saturday (January 23rd) was National Handwriting Day so I joined in on Instagram with #handwritingmatters.

The sentiment, "I don't believe in practicing safe art!" comes from a video made by Mikey G of Jerry's Artorama on YouTube about getting over the fear of "New Sketchbook Syndrome".  It just resonated with me, both about breaking in a new sketchbook and about art in general.

On the back of the card I used a Micron pen to doodle a quote and then used shimmery watercolors (Artist's Loft) in purple and white to add some fun color.  After it was dry I used a Uni-ball Signo to outline my words and fill in the white spaces on the border.

If you happened to catch last week's DLP share you might have seen my "I Need This" list on which I recorded some wants.  Well, thanks to a wonderful coupon from Michael's I was able to fulfill a few of those wants - a Sizzix BigKick Machine and some Tim Holtz Sizzix dies.  This was an opportunity for me to play with my new toys.  I gelli printed the background, added some stamping and stenciling and then added my honey combs.  I used Glossy Accents to some of the combs and used a black Stabilo All pencil to add interest and my words.

These are my Monthly Pocket Pics - unPlanned favorites.  Just a few things I've picked up and created this month that I love and wanted to include.  I found the banner in my stash and created both of the ATCs for swaps.  I made too many ATCs so I included these in my unPlanner.  I also had to stash my card in here as well as a print out from DecoArt who approved my request for some awesome goodies!  I can't wait for my box to arrive!

Our PAC prompt was to include a receipt from our week.  Well.....  Since I'm still oh-so-excited about my new Sizzix goodies, I decided to make four PACs.  One for each of the stores I went to on my shopping spree!

I started with a 3 1/2 by 11" strip of manila cardstock and gelli printed several shades of purple, white, black, and yellow using my 3x5 gelli plate.  I am so in love with the "stamping" aspect of gelli printing!  It's so super easy for adding quick color to ATCs, PACs, envelopes, and other random small bits of paper!

I then tore my receipts and adhered using a glue stick.  I added bright yellow splatters and stenciling, black Stabilo scribbles, and white stenciled dots.  Very grungy!

Now I will always know when and what and where I got all of these goodies.  I slipped them inside a Bo Bunny Misc. Me page protector, stamped the date and wrote the prompt on the back of each card.

That's all I've got for this week!  It's almost February and I'm looking forward to starting set up this weekend while at work.

I'll see y'all back next week for some more fun shares!

Until then,

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOYWW - New Goodies and Lots of Projects

Hello All!  Welcome back to another edition of WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday)!  No idea what this is?  It's where we crafty people let you lot into our work spaces for a hedonistic exploration of our messes!

More info and desks can be found at Julia's - the Queen of hedonistic desk expeditions!

 Here is the beginning of my mess!  My (new) box full of Sizzix goodies, lots of paints, my brayer, some hand cut stencils (hand cut out of a manila file folder), my small gelli plate, and a 4x6 card I'm working on.  You'll notice that I finally changed out my under paper as well!

 Here's the other side of that mess!  Modeling paste, glue, lots of die cuts, palette knives, and Faber-Castell's texture combs.

My big book of stencils!  This is how I store all of my small stencils - inside page protectors in 3 Brad (plastic) folders.  It's been a great system for storing them.

The orange basket in the corner contains strips and scraps I want to use in my DLP unPlanner.  The ATCs you can see in the top are for a swap with a Southwestern theme.  I'll share those soon!

So I wasn't sure where I was going to store my BigKick machine and keep it handy so I'll remember to use it until I remembered that I had this book case outside!  I found it weeks ago - the book case that is - on the side of the road.  The back panels need to be re-nailed but otherwise it was in great shape.  I took it out back and started spray painting it.  I ran out of paint and while it was drying it started to rain.  I had forgotten it was out there so it warped pretty badly in some places.  Oh well!  The weather has been way too inconsistent to finish painting it so I'll just have to wait until spring.  Until then, it is the perfect size for my machine and the photo box which sits on the shelf to it's left.  I actually have enough room to stack two photo boxes on top of each other!  Great!  Because I know I will be getting more dies.  I just have a feeling, ya know?  It also gives me a place to put my other spinner that I keep my Distress stuff in at a much more manageable level.  I've had it on top of my tallest cube and I'm short.  It was out of the way and not useful.  So glad to be able to easily grab my Distress supplies now!

Now if I can just figure out where to put my Raskog cart!

Here's the top now.  See where that lamp is?  Yeah, I couldn't really reach my stuff from there!

And of course, last but not least... my other table.  Can y'all tell who's been "helping" me in the Studio lately?  It's pretty awesome though because this week she has actually started calling it "the Studio"!  Which just makes me smile!

That's my space this week!  I hope you enjoy exploring!

See you next week!

Until then,

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mega Sizzix and Other Goodies Haul!

I hope y'all are having a great Tuesday!  I know I am!!  Ok, so if you saw my post from last Friday you'll have noticed that I had a bunch of Sizzix dies and a Big Shot machine on my "I Need This" list.  I really really really want one of these!  So much so that I have been pricing them, watching videos, and really just drooling uncontrollably.  On Monday I got an e-mail from Michael's with a 50% Off coupon!!!  Really, I think it was fate!

At Michael's (and Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann's) the BigKick machine is $119.99.  I couldn't find it for less than $85 online not including shipping.  Well, half of $119.99 is $59.00 so I headed out to Michael's yesterday to pick one up!  I also went to Hobby Lobby because they carry more dies than Michael's does.

Here are the awesome things I picked up from Michael's!  I got the BigKick machine, a spool of turquoise twine, a turquoise chalkboard, and those fun wooden magnetic letters from their new Make Market collection - which is sooo stinking cute!  I want everything from that collection!  I also found the Art C Accordian book and Sizzix Crease Plate on clearance and couldn't pass those up either.  The two Stampendous stamp sets, Martha Stewart Dove punch, and Heidi Swapp Color Shine mists were all on clearance as well.  I've been looking for a racoon stamp for ages and found this super cute set by Recollections in their Valentine section!

At Hobby Lobby I found three of the dies that I have been drooling over!!  The Frameworks dies - Honeycomb and Courtyard (which was on Clearance!) and the Mixed Media 1 set!  Hobby Lobby has Tim Holtz products on sale this week which of course worked out wonderfully well!  I picked up a small chipboard chalkboard for my youngest to play with, some new scissors, another Tim Holtz die set from the Clearance aisle, and that super cute St. Patrick's Day washi tape!

Here are my new dies all cut out!  Aren't they awesome?  I will definitely be using them very soon!

So that was Monday!  Well, I needed to pick up a Magnetic Movers & Shapers plate to use my new seahorse and sand dollar dies so I decided to go back out and pick one up today.  First, I stopped by Jo-Ann's.

I finally remembered to pick up a full sized Hot Glue Gun.  So I grabbed one with my coupon and some extra long glue sticks.  Jo-Ann's had die cutting stuff on sale (can you tell I shop sales as much as possible?) so I went ahead and grabbed that awesome On the Edge - Torn Paper die and an extra set of cutting plates.  I also snagged the Zen Doodle magazine.  Y'all know how much I love doodling and I'm thinking of maybe submitting something sometime.

After Jo-Ann's since I was on the same street, I decided to stop in Tuesday Morning.  Look what I found there...

I found these awesome dies!  I love love love that Star die.  I saw a video where Dyan Reavely made awesome Dylusions ornaments using those stars and I've been dying for it ever since.  There was no way I was walking out of the store without it!  I also found that awesome circle die and cooresponding cutting pads and another On the Edge die! 

It was fate, I'm telling you!  All my drooling and then that coupon sent me right over the edge.  I know when to take a hint!  I however did not get back around to Hobby Lobby for the Movers & Shapers tray.  I'll have to get that next go round.  I don't think I'll be using those particular dies right away so I've got time to let my pocket book breathe just a little bit.  I have plenty to keep me busy with all of this!

I just wanted to share with all of y'all.  Be watching for lots of new projects using my new toys coming soon!

Have a great day and I'll see you later!

Until then,

Friday, January 22, 2016

Documented Life Project - the unPlanner - Week Three

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you've had a lovely week - even with the storms that are blowing through.  I know folks are dealing with massive snow and blizzards and that's not good!  But down here in Mississippi snow is so rare that it is exciting every time.  And it is actually SNOWING!  Ok, so the few flakes that hit the ground melt immediately but I love seeing it swirl through the air!

Anyway, you're here to see my Week Three so we'll get right to it...

The owl stamp is by Inkadinkado and the adorable boy is by Suzi Blu.

This week's PACs.  I made two because I loved both of these words I found in my stash.  The backgrounds are part of the sheet I made last week.  I added some funky stitching using my sewing machine.

While I was digging for magazine cut outs, I came across two big die cuts I wanted to include...

 I thought they went really well with my PACs.  I had gotten some hot pink thread at Walmart the other day so I figured since I had my machine out... I would just add some stitching to these too!

I slipped all four pieces into a Bo Bunny Misc Me page protector.

This week was all about making a ListTen card.  This one I printed on white cardstock and smooshed through Lindy's Stamp Gang Flat Fabios to create that lovely watercolor look.  I added hot pink stitching and painted circle reinforcers.

On the back of my Week View page I added some lists to help remind myself of things I want to do in the upcoming week.  I will probably go back and doodle on these a little bit more at some point in time - but then again, maybe not!

So the more I watch videos from CHA, the more I want a die cutting machine.  I really really really just want one!  This "I Need This" list is so I'll remember which ones I wanted when I go to purchase them.  I'm sure that that will happen sooner rather than later!

Well that was my week!  I hope you enjoyed sifting through it!

See you next week for another share!

Until then,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WOYWW - Experimentation

Good morning fellow deskers and nosey non-deskers!



Y'all probably know by now, and even if y'all don't... I am so very much NOT an early riser.  People keep telling me it's because I don't go to bed until 3 AM but I'm not sure that's it.  It's half past eight in the morning and I am waiting on a sheet rock guy to come and repair the holes in my bathrooms left by a plumber before Christmas!

There isn't enough coffee in the world for this.

As I was trying to scrub the eye crusties out and focus a bit it occurred to me... it's Wednesday.  So now I have to go take a picture of my desk.

Last night's experiment/project still left out!  Hot glue stencils to use with spray inks and gelli printing!

I'm not very good with a hot glue gun.  But I tried!  Most tutorials you see about these stencils all say to use a silicone baking sheet.  I don't have one and I wasn't running to Walmart at 2 am to buy one.  I figured I would just try my "heat resistant" craft mat.  Yep... totally worked!  No fancy schmancy baking sheet for me!  I would however like to upgrade my teensy tiny hot glue gun to one normal sized eventually.  Though the "mini" version worked just fine.

I'll definitely be making more of these.  They're kinda fun to make.  And really, who doesn't love an excuse to play with a hot glue gun after years of being told it's not a toy!

Hello hot mess!  Red and green papers for a (very late) Christmas themed ATC swap.  I keep several bags of different pens & colored pencils inside my Dylusions bag for my unPlanner which you can see there on the desk as well.  Bubble wrap, baby wipes, chalk, ATC bases, and more glue sticks.  That won't fit in my "mini" glue gun.  Could NOT remember which size I had so I bought both kinds of sticks.

That's what I've got for today.  Now to find more coffee!  Go visit Julia's and nose about some more desker's desks!

Until next time,

Friday, January 15, 2016

Documented Life Project 2016 - the unPlanner - Week Two

Ready for Week Two?

Here we go...

This is the back side of my Week One Weekly View page.  I painted and stamped the whole page and then used a scrap from my stash to create a pocket.  This pocket holds a few lists.

 These are the lists being held by the pocket.  To Do - don't we always have To Do lists?  Stuff I want, and Awesome Stuff I saw from videos taken at CHA - new products I'm excited about.  I haven't watched all of the CHA videos so I'm sure there will be lots more stuff on my "oh please I have to have that" list!

My word this week is "brave".  As in be brave and try new things.  I sprayed a manila tag (size 8) with Pomegranate Seed & Tangerine Dream Dylusions Ink and used my white Uni-Ball Signo pen.  While sometimes I wish Dylusions ink wouldn't bleed into a white pen, sometimes I really love the effect.  This tag is an example of when I love it!

 This is a pocket I made from kraft cardstock for my weekly PAC.  I used a small 3 1/2" by 5" Gelli Plate to stamp onto my paper.  I added circles with a black Stabilo pencil and a little strip of washi tape and gelli printed circle reinforcers.  This is the front and back respectively.

 I did actually create this pocket to house my PAC.  Here is my PAC.  The background is made from white card stock that I gelli printed using my small gelli plate to stamp with, added swipes of gesso with a palette knife, scribbled with my stabilo, stenciled, and then cut up.  I enjoy making a big sheet and cutting it down.  You get a whole set of ATCs this way and they're all different but all the same.

Anyway.  This week's PAC challenge was to write down your favorite quote and cover up all but one word.  I did it a little differently.  I wrote my quote on one PAC and then used a second PAC with a cut out for my one word. 

"Don't wait for opportunity.  Create it."  I cut out a space on the top PAC and let "create" show through.  To join the two cards, I used an eyelet and strung some dyed crinkle ribbon through it.

This list is printed on kraft cardstock and sprayed with Pomegranate Seed Dylusions.  I added a large strip of washi to the edge.  This list is about how I can create art this year.  Things I want to do, create, classes I want to take. 

My Dare2B word this week is "Brave".  I painted the back of my Dare2B list with Black Marble Dylusions Paint and used my white Uni-Ball Signo pen to create this doodled dream catcher.  I love working white onto black.  It's just so much more of a pop!

My Weekly View page.  It was a pretty slow week other than lots of Harry Potter movie watching.  The fairy stamp is by Suzi Blu.

And to end this week properly, here is the back of my weekly page.  I used Prismacolor Colored pencils, Micron pens, and my white Uni-Ball to create this little lady.  Colored pencils are so much harder than paints!

Hope you enjoyed! 

Until next time,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WOYWW - A Documented Mess

Hello Deskers!  Welcome back to my messy world!  It seems like my underpaper just gets messier and messier every time I photograph it!

What we've got here is a Documented Mess - i.e. mess made from working on my Documented Life Project unPlanner.  Yes indeed, I have been moving right along with playing catch up and I should be in there photographing pages while I've got the light.

So we'll try to make this quick... Ink, stamps, Microns, Lindy's Stamp Gang Flat Fabio Sprays, a tag sprayed with Dylusions, paint water, a Mixed Media stamp by Tim Holtz, and my new favorite Dylusions Accessory Bag.  That bag looks so small in pictures but you can see here that I've managed to fit quite a few things in there and still have plenty of room left!

Here we have my DLP 2016 unPlanner open.  I'm letting the glue on the pocket dry.  I have my first DARE2B card done and added in.  Like I said... I'll be taking pics in just a few.

Another mess!  That purple binder contains all of my 5 x 8 Dylusions Stencils in page protectors.  It makes it very easy to keep them all organized.  There are also a few Dylusions stamps.  I was using this table as my "spray center" last night.  The orange wire basket contains an assortment of paper scraps that I want to use in my upcoming unPlanner pages.

That's my desk for this week!  I'm off to catch the light!

Don't know what WOYWW is?  Jump over to Julia's for more information and more awesome goodness!

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