Friday, November 6, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Forty Four

October Theme
Translucent Papers

October 31

Art Challenge: Tea Bags, Dryer Sheets, Fibrous Papers

Journal Prompt:  Just Create!

I both love and hate an open-ended journal prompt!  But I bravely soldiered on...

I started with some really rough layers of paint brushed on randomly and without any concern.  I choose Buttermilk, Pistachio Mint, Berry Red, and Golden Straw.  This is a color scheme I rarely use as I'm not a big fan of yellow.  But I persisted!  I added coordinating Neocolor II's.  Once everything was dry, I adhered a used Green Tea Bag to the left page and a dryer sheet to the right.  It wasn't easy getting that dryer sheet to stick!  I then went over both with some more Neocolor II's.

I added bits and pieces from my stash and created a little ballerina on watercolor paper which I cut out and adhered.  I used another tea bag for the frill on her tutu.  I happened to find the butterfly that is part of her bodice and it just happens to go along with the color scheme perfectly!  Love it when there is a happy coincidence like that!  Instead of my usual black Stabilo, I swapped it for a brown Stabilo All pencil.  I did use black ink for my stamping but I think it works.

Even though this is a color scheme that I don't use often, I think it's become on of my favorite pages.  It certainly stands out when you flip through my journal.  Lots and lots of blue and purple and turquoise and then bam!  This page!  It makes me happy!  Art journaling is all about experimentation and growth and that includes unexpected color schemes!

That's my share this week!  Hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!

Until then,

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