Friday, November 13, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Forty Five

November Theme
Stencils, Stamps, & Masks

November 7

Art Challenge: Stencils - Made or Bought

Journal Prompt:  On The Edge Of Uncertainty - What Are You Afraid Of?

Goody!  Goody!  Gumdrops!  Y'all know I love my stencils!!!  I am so excited for this month's challenges because I know that I can knock them out quickly and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

I decided to do something a little monochromatic this week.  I'm not sure why but Blue seemed the way to go!

I started with some Lake Blue and Titanium white acrylic and brayered the two - white on top, blue on the bottom.  Then I added some wide silver washi tape - yes I could've used blue but I never use the silver and it's counting as "white" in this scheme.

Using lots of stencils - several bought but some home made, and two masks, I sprayed and stenciled my way across the page.  I used my Blue and Turquoise Uni-Ball Signo Angelic pens as well as my white Uni-Ball Signo to add a little doodling and make my figures stand out.

I was able to knock this page out in about an hour.  It really was a lot of fun.  I'm really enjoying using the Dylusions Masks and letting all those fabulous layers peek through.  I'm still playing it safe but I'm working on it!  

Here are some better pictures of the individual pages.  It's getting just as hard to photograph this journal as it is working in it!

I am also really making serious progress in catching up all of my behind challenges!  I only have five left to complete and one of those five is very very close to being finished.  I'm taking my journal to work with me this weekend and I'll be able to finish up two and if I'm really lucky maybe even a third page this weekend!  My journal is getting very difficult to work in!  The bindings are getting rather loose in some of the signatures because I've used so much wet media and of course there is bleed through in all of the middles.  And it's so bulky that the back pages for the rest of my challenges are very whooped up!  I can't work flat at all.  But I'm soooo happy that I can flip through and see all of this art.  It really makes me stupid happy and I just smile and smile every time I flip the pages!


I'll see you next week with another page!

Until then,

Artists Loft Acrylic: Turquoise
Artists Loft Stencil: Alphabet
Recollections Stencils: Large Circles & Honeycomb

Handmade stencils: Long Lines, Short Dashes, Medium Dashes, all Triangles 

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