Saturday, November 28, 2015

#30lists December Edition

Hello everyone and happy Saturday!  It is almost December and you know what that means???  It means a special Holiday edition of #30lists!

Don't know what #30lists is?  Click HERE.

Want to see all of my #30lists lists from March & September?  Click HERE.

See!!!  It's awesome.  So now you want to register.  Simply click HERE.

Here is a quick run-down on the specs of this challenge: 

  • It does cost a little something...$10.00  Totally worth it!
  • It is a listing challenge - you can list in any manner you want - a notebook, project life, December Daily, a notepad, art journal, scraps of paper... you name it!
  • It can be as simple as four or five minutes a day - or you can make it much more elaborate.
  • There will be a new list for each of the 31 days in December.
  • It's ridiculously fun and addicting.
So I stated that I was participating this month.  I am!  I am currently working on a handmade art journal for this challenge.  I've decided to have a "Dylusional Christmas" and I've carried that theme straight into the pages for this challenge.  I'm making my journal using only Dylusions inks, paints, stencils, and stamps.  Since I got a major jump on my Christmas shopping and got all caught up with my Documented Life Project journal, I have time to make something really funky.  I will be posting pictures on Monday of the whole thing before the listing begins on Tuesday.

Please go check out the links and join me for this fabulous challenge.  It will be a blast and a welcome few minutes every day to take a quick break from the craziness that is December!

See you soon!

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