Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WOYWW - Edition Progress in a Mess

Hello lovlies!  Can you belive it's Wednesday again?  Honestly, the week has just flown by in a total whirlwind!  The whole month really is just flying by.  I can't believe that Halloween is only 10 days away.  It's all crazy nose-to-the-grindstone at my house.  Between regular ol' house stuff and regular ol' work stuff, there has also been a mad dash to get some Summer projects that I've let get way behind caught up including Summer of Color and DLP projects.  I have somehow managed to get three DLP pages completed (two catch up pages and the current) as well as the last three SoC I was behind on!  That is SIX journal pages.  In a WEEK!!!  I'm really hoping to get one or maybe even two more done before going to work Friday afternoon.  So yeah.  That's been my week! 

I'm sorry I'm so terrible at getting around to checking out everyone's desks.  I try to take five minutes to throw up this post and link up but I'm not spending a whole lot of time on the computer.  I'm too busy playing catch up.  Sorry y'all!  I will try to make myself be a little better about it but we'll see.

So on to the desks....  My main desk.  Covered in water and paint and pens and brushes and necolors and coffee...and this week's DLP - Vellum is the challenge.

Those strange blue legs?  That's my camera mount again.  It's come back to live on my table.  I'm trying to make myself make a video but it ain't happened yet!  My hubby kindly spray painted it that lovely Ocean Breeze color for me.  Much better than PVC Grey!

Desk Two is covered in a melee of stamps and inks, spouncers, paints, and stencils.  There is a lot going on here!  Oh... and under paper.  There's quite a lot of that too!

Sharing this last table with my toddler again.  Boy!  Does this kid like to color!  Makes her Mommy proud!  Again, stencils, including my big book of stencils (the green folder at the very bottom of the stack).

Big book of stencils?  Yep!  I took one of my old school folders - the plastic 3-brad kind and filled it full of page protectors.  Then slipped in all of my small stencils.  Of course it won't hold any 12x12's or 9x12's but it holds everything else.  On top of the Big Book of Stencils, there are a few stamp sets from Unity Stamp Co., my Inktense pencils (one of the best investments I've ever made!), and my list of DLP pages to make up.  There are getting to be a whole lot of strike throughs on that list!  The small black box is a set of "try me's" of Golden Mediums.  A friend of mine was cleaning out her studio and gave them to me but I think you can pick them up at most art stores.  They are itty bitty jars of six of Golden's most popular mediums including Soft, Regular, Heavy Gel Medium, Light Molding Paste, and I forget what else.

That's what I've got for today's Desk Oogling!  I'll be linking up with Julia's Desk Hop and try my best to make the rounds!

Have a great day and I'll see y'all next week!


  1. I love your purple journal pages! Purple is my favorite color! Your crafting table looks very inviting I think!

    Greetings, Sofie #56

  2. Great Table and so sweet to share with your little one too and I have to agree with you on the Inktense pencils I LOVE MINE !!!
    I have to say look at all those delish sprays to play with and your journal page is wonderful too so much to look at on it
    also about the shed he can have it I want a room with HEAT in the Winter it's super cold out there but at least I can see it from my window and I'm just happy with looking at I can steal his power tools when ever I like so it's not too bad at all :)
    hugs Nikki 3


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