Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - WOYWW - Edition Journal Mania

Happy Wednesday fellow deskers!  I hope y'all have had wonderful and productive weeks.  If not productive... I hope your week has been lovely all the same.  My week has been absolutely dreadful and yet absolutely lovely at the same time.  Is that even possible?  Why yes.  Yes it is.

My student last Wednesday came and we began a take-home project for Halloween.  We're doing Sugar Skulls!  It's coming along beautifully.  I'm really enjoying teaching this sweet girl.  So much fun.  Work this weekend went well until Sunday when I received a horrible telephone call from my husband - our old house which we're still slowly (and by slowly I really mean slower than the slowest of snails' pace) moving out of had been broken in to and a bunch of stuff stolen.  Yeah.  Not nice.  I left work early to meet my husband and go see and well.  We should've moved faster.  I'm just so glad it wasn't the house we are living in.  While the thieves made off with quite a lot I am just so thankful that we weren't there.  Anyway... I don't really want to talk about that.  So moving on to another nice thing... yesterday (Tuesday) was my wedding anniversary.  We didn't really do anything special but we enjoyed a nice night at home with our daughters curled up on the couch.  Which is the best way to celebrate being married to my awesome hubby! 

I've been pretty productive art-wise this week.  I have managed to complete three journal pages and am currently working on two more!  I'm playing catch up on Documented Life Project pages as well as I managed to complete two #12ArtJournals journals which I will be sending out in the mail today!  Yay!  Now I just need to do this week's DLP page and I want to try to do at least one more. 

Anyway, you're here for work spaces and not my rambling so on to the desks!

Stamps, pens, pencils galore!  Three art journals next to the baby wipes that will be on their way tomorrow.  Glasses and more stamps to the right and of course my Documented Life Project journal in the middle.  I really don't think I like where that sketch is going so I think I'll be erasing it and starting again!  Trying to get back into drawing faces since I haven't done one in quite a while.  You can see how well used my underpaper has become.  Don't know why I didn't do that sooner!  Though I think it may be just about time to change it.  It's starting to roll up and tear at the edge from me constantly leaning and moving over it.

My other table in all of its glorious mess!  More ink and paints.  Pens and brushes everywhere!  Bubble wrap stamping in bright pink!  That's for Astrid's journal.  Lovely stack of Dylusions paint that I've been absolutely in love with.  Empty coffee cup and a half drunk glass of sweet tea.

Here I've got two different angles for your viewing pleasure.  Sorry about the lights bleaching out my main table so badly but this way at least you can see my lighting set up (in case you were wondering!) as well.  It is very bright I know but I'm blind.  Or at least going that way.  I use daylight bulbs in all of the lamps but the tall pink one that has two clip on lamps attached comes out yellowish no matter the bulb.  It's a white shade on it too which makes no sense.  You can definitely tell when I'm in the studio.  There is a veritable glow from around the blinds looking at our house from the street!

Well there you have it folks.  My workspace in all of it's glorious productivity!  For more messy desks, hop on over to Julia's and nose about others' spaces for a while.

Have a great week y'all!


  1. What a great creative workspace you've got! I love that bright pink bubble wrap printing, that really caught my eye!!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  2. I hate that you had a break-in, whether you live there or not, it's a horrid experience. My daylight bulb gives a yellow finish too,it's maddening -and has just about finished my crafting in the evenings..I come down in the morning and the colours I've chosen are just vile! Is it deliberate that the drinking cups are on one side and the painty cups on another side of the table? Good plan....

    1. The other 3 lamps are just fine. They give off a lovely clear light. I use two clip on Auto/Home workshop lamps with large silver reflectors and they are just brilliant and my small clip lamp has a thick white shade with an outer blue shade and it shines clear as well so it's ok that one out of 4 shine yellow. I understand about evening crafting being cancelled though. I do most of mine in the very wee hours of the morning so it is imperative that my lighting is right.

      It is absolutely deliberate that the water cups and drinking cups are separate. I have drunk from the paint water far too many times!

      Thank you Julia. It truly has been horrid. I will be glad when the day comes that I no longer think about it.

  3. Love all the inky goodness on your desk. Happy crafting #33

  4. Am I the first to comment?
    Great busy desk! I love it! Those dylusions are fab. The journals look interesting. Are you going to share some of that?
    Have a good week,

    1. Thank you Lisca! I will be sharing the Documented Life journal later this week. The three small journals are for a large round robin group so only sneak peeks until they've all been completed. :)

  5. Sorry you've had such a bad week with the burglary, hope nothing too valuable or sentimental was taken. love your desk, thanks for the guided tour! Helen #1

  6. Ugh, that is NOT a phone call you want to get, but like you say, at least you weren't there . . .

    Okay. I'm not gonna like, Brenda--I'm a lil' bit jealous of all the arty fun you have going on here. I'm definitely feeling art deprived, and woywwing isn't really helping. But it IS inspiring!

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    :)trisha, #52
    with a diy desk redo,
    but not the workdesk!

  7. I love your work space with the organizing carousel towers!

    Greetings, Sofie #51


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