Thursday, October 22, 2015

Summer of Color - Week Two

Still playing catch up on Summer of Color.  This lovely lady was actually completed three months ago and I'm just now realizing that I didn't take pictures of her or blog about her!

"The setting sun burned the sky pink and orange in the same bright hues 
as surfers' bathing suits."
- Michael Connelly, The Black Echo

This week's color palette:
Pink + Pink + Orange

Color Inspiration: Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic Paints in Lemon, Magenta, & Caran D'Arche Neocolor II in Purple

I used my Neocolors for her face and the acrylics mostly in her hair and for the background.  I know if you go and look at all of my Summer of Color 2015 ladies you'll see just how much I've evolved in my shading and blending and everything else.  I still like her even though I find her eyes entirely too harsh.

I added some stamping and doodling as well as the words "Seek Inspiration" which was done with a Stabilo All pencil.

I'm halfway through my last four ladies so be sure to come back next Tuesday and Thursday to see the rest of them!

Until then,


  1. Lady in Red....she's brilliant in color and those eyes. They say a lot.

  2. amazing faces,love her beautiful eyes and hair,love it so much.

  3. Three fabulous shares on Show Your Face this week. Thank you so much for linking up and sorry it has taken me so long to get over here to comment, I'm still playing catch up! Kx


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