Thursday, October 29, 2015

Summer of Color - Week Four

Hi and welcome!  This is my last make up page for Summer of Color 2015.  I am so sad that Kristin won't be doing Summer of Color next year and that I nearly missed this year completely.  It's one of the reasons I was so adamant about finishing these pages.  This is my last lady in the series - out of order that is.

 Bright reds - scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson or cherry - are very cheerful and youthful. 
There is certainly a red for everyone."
- Christian Dior

This week's color palette:
Red + Red + Metallic

Color Inspiration: Caran D'Ache Neocolor II in Scarlet, Carmine, &Folk Art Metallic Acrylic Paint in Antique Copper

Again, this is a sketch I'd done three months ago.  I have one "I'm giving this a try after a long hiatus" face, three whimsical faces, and two "realistic" faces.  I wanted to give myself some room to practice and grow and I really feel that it has done that.  I have not quite perfected my shading for faces, but I am a hell of a lot more confident about it than I was during SoC Week Five's face (which was the first one I did).

I used my neocolors exclusively for the shading - love that white crayon for highlights and for the hair.  I needed a metallic and I chose Copper because I had it has a lovely reddish tone that I thought would go really well with my fiery red head.  I wish I could get my hair this color.  My boss would outright kill me if I did but I wish I had the freedom in my day job to do it.  Very Dyan Reavely!

A friend of mine asked me not too long ago "Why don't you every draw eyelashes?"  This is why!  Because I know less is more but when I get to going it turns into a fringed mess.  Something to work on and practice though.  I'll know next time to stop.  Isn't art journaling about learning when to stop?  In mixed media we have the freedom to add and add and add and most of the time the more we add the better it turns out, but occasionally there comes a time when it's just time to stop and step away.

Maybe we'll just say she's wearing false lashes!  Either way, even though she is very bright and all that red is just screaming, there is something about her that is very meditative.  That's why she got "Peace".  She reminds me of peace and tranquility.

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