Thursday, October 8, 2015

Roadside Garbage Gets a Makeover

Oh my goodness!  Roadside garbage?  Ewww!  Yep.  Garbage.  You can close your mouths and wipe those terrible looks off your faces if you please.  We're not talking yucky garbage garbage.  We're talking furniture someone was throwing out.  Yes.  Now you can breathe again!

Headed to Sonic for a yummy midnight milk shake one night my hubby and I spotted a discarded cabinet on the side of the road.  Now mind you, it wad dark, but from what I could tell it looked like it would be perfect in my studio.  I promise I didn't say a single thing or make any kind of noise or what have you but my hubby must have read my mind because he said, "We're turning around, aren't we?"  Yes sir!  We turned around, went back to the house, took out the baby's car seat and dropped the seats.  Thankfully we were only two streets from our house!  We went back and loaded this heavy beast of a cabinet into the back of my SUV.  It fit.  Barely.  But it fit! 

Let me interject here... we didn't take the baby out of the car just to get this thing.  The girls (my 14 yr. old was baby sitting) were at the house.  And yes, they both got milk shakes too!

We got it into the house and I can see why someone (poor lazy soul but yay for me!) discarded it.  It's an old tv armoire with a cardboard back, damage to the drawers and a little water damage on the back leg supports.  Still worth salvaging though.  Someone had tried to repaint it with purple chalk paint as well but they never finished.  Would have made my job so much easier if they had.

 I'm sorry for the terrible grainy qualities of these pictures.  I nearly forgot to take them!  See?  It's a nice cabinet for the studio.  It did come with the doors that had already been removed and the drawer.  The drawer had some strange warping in its cardboard bottom so I decided I would neither rehang the doors nor use the drawer.  I removed the drawer rails from the bottom.

Ok.  Now you see on the left picture how at the bottom the purple is strangely spotted.  You can see it on the inside as well.  This cabinet is laminate.  It has that slick weird finish on it that even chalk paint has trouble sticking too without beading up like rain on a windshield!  I wish I had realized that before wasting so much time and paint.  But I had to learn for myself.  Sanding was imperative.  I wish I'd used a primer too.  Oh well.  Lesson learned!  I did end up hand sanding every bit of surface that was laminate.  Oh how I loved that cardboard backing!  I asked my hubby for a sander for Christmas. 

I soldiered on with this beast and it took about a week (in among other projects and family) to get it all sanded and painted.  I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish by DecoArt in Everlasting.  It took two 16 oz. jars because I really didn't know what I was doing.  I will know oh-so-much-better next time.  Even though this piece will get a ton of daily use, I chose not to wax it.  One reason was because I was downright tired of dealing with it and the other was to see how well the paint holds up.  A lazy experiment, you could say. 

I have to say though, after all was said and done, I do love it.  Even if I wanted to put it right back on the side of the road myself a few times!  I love how soft and matte the paint is.  I love how white it is!  I love how it fits in my studio.  It was totally worth it.  You'll notice that I didn't fill in the cable holes on the back.  Who knows, I might have to string cables through it for some reason so I left them.  Multi-purpose and versatility are key in my studio.  I have a confession.  When I brought this home I only knew where it would go.  I had no clue what I would put in it!!

 Oh look!  I found stuff to put in it!  And on top of it.  And under it!  Knew it wouldn't take long for me to figure out how to use this thing.  It looks so empty in these pictures.  I've since filled this thing up with many many more of those photo boxes.  Those are great for storing little things like ephemera and paper scraps.  Michael's threw them on sale - 7 for $10.00 a few weeks ago and I stocked up.  It just so happens that the interior is tall enough for seven boxes stacked vertically and will hold six stacks.  I'm so glad I decided not to use the drawer.  That bottom section is perfect for things like display boards and canvases. 

So that's my tale of how Trash turned to Treasure and I solved a serious storage issue in my studio!  I have several other intended furniture make over projects but I need a long break after tackling this thing.  I am not a furniture painter by any means.  Give me paper and canvas any day!  But it's good to branch out occasionally.  Especially in the name of free storage!!

I hope y'all have enjoyed this post and always be on the look out for things.  You never know when the perfect solution will show up on the side of the road!

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