Friday, October 2, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Thirty Nine

September Theme
Journaling with Photos

September 26

Art Challenge: Storyboard

Journal Prompt:  A Week in the Life

Good morning and happy Friday lovlies!  So I stayed up super late working on this page last night because I just couldn't find the inspiration all week for it.  Finally I looked through my phone and found some pictures I'd taken over the past week, stuck them in photoshop and printed them off.  It's not very cohesive or chronological but look-it!  I did it and there are actual photos.

That stringy blonde hair and single eye is my two year old's attempt at a selfie.  She takes lots of them.  Shades of the future?  Lord help us!  The other photo of my munchkins is one I took while playing with my new gorilla tripod & cell phone mount.  My little one is just cheese-ing it up for the camera!  I included two of my #30DaysofLists lists, my new logo, and a couple of different shots of my work tables.

The background was sprayed with my beloved Dylusions Ink Sprays... in fact almost every single thing on this page is Dylusions in some form.  Stamps, stencils, paint, and sprays.  It's all there!

This may be one of my more fly by the seat of my pants pages (who am I kidding?  They are all like that) but I think it will be one that I will look at years from now and cherish.

Y'all have a great weekend and I'll see you soon!


  1. You did fabulous with this week's DLP challenge! Love your spread, and the cute 'one-eyed selfie!' I just haven't been feeling it...the using photos this month. This week I didn't use any photos, just not feelin' digital...but your spread turned out great!

    1. Thank you Dianne! I know... Miss Piper is a mess with her selfies! You know, I really haven't either. Using photos is so far out of my comfort zone it ain't funny. :) But it's worth giving it a go. I can at least say I tried. Have a great week dear and good luck on next weeks challenge!


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