Friday, October 30, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Forty Three

October Theme
Translucent Papers

October 24

Art Challenge: Glassine

Journal Prompt:  Windows of My Mind

Happy Friday everyone!  Can you believe that it's already almost the end of the year?!?!?!  This is staggering news to me.  I can't believe just how quickly it has flown by.  Today I'm sharing my latest DLP journal page with you.

Windows of my mind.  Well.... after a futile search for Glassine locally I decided I would use Parchment paper.  I went to the grocery store and when I got home I opened it up.  It was brown.  And watermarked.  Not happy Brenda!!!  Ok, so fine.  I would use wax paper.  Close enough.  But I was looking through one of my scads of stash boxes and came across some Tim Holtz Glassine envelopes!  Still brown but I could make it work.  It was actual glassine after all.  But no clue how I was going to incorporate "windows of my mind".  I started with a girl.  These days it seems to be all about these girls.  It's all I want to draw and they make me happy.  Neocolors and Inktense pencils are all I used to create her... with the exception of her shirt and the white in her eyes... I used my Uni-Ball Signo for that.

I spent a small fortune on those Inktense Pencils and Neocolor II's.  But of all the art supplies I've ever bought in my life, I truly believe that these two items have been my best investment.  I use them over and over and over again and they are so easy to work with.  I use them mostly for my girls, my figures, my faces, but I use them for backgrounds and details too.  They're just wonderful.  Ok, enough gushing and I promise I'm not being paid to say these things.  Though if Derwent and Caran D'Arche wanted to send me something I wouldn't be above saying no!  *wink wink!*

The background is simply Turquoise Blue with a few scribbles of Purple Neocolor II's.  I added some subtle stamping using white and teal inks and a Dylusions background stamp set.  Then I really went to town.  Using a Dylusions border set, I created the border around three sides of my page.  I added some washi tape and then used another Dylusions set to create the dangling hearts and strings.  I used my Uni-Ball Angelic Color set to color in some of the details and to draw the stars, hearts, and moons around my girl.

The flower in my girl's hair is a die cut from my stash.  I'm sorry, I don't have a clue who it's by.  The color of it was just perfect and I thought she needed a little something extra.  There is something about this girl that makes me think she's French.  Maybe it's the shirt but I just don't know.  I want to call her Yvonne though!

Back to those Glassine envelopes.  Now how on earth was I going to incorporate those?  I decided to take the term "windows" literally and cut two envelopes in half.  I used another border stamp from a different Dylusions set to create my window sill and used a Dina Wakley stamp set to add faces and words in my windows.  "Fierce, worthy, bold, and spirited" are all from the same set and I thought about how in our minds we are our own worst critics.  So these windows contain my inner critics and voices and they are telling me that my art is fierce and bold and spirited and worthy.  That I am those things.  That I am worthy.

I'm really trying to work on me.  On believing what others tell me (the good things) about me and my art.  It's hard though.  but we'll consider these as affirmations.  And instead of nitpicking things about my art, I'm just letting it all go.  The words "I am enough" came into my mind and I knew I had to add them somewhere.  I am enough.  I am good enough.  My art is good.  My art is enough.  Even though my little French girl's nose is too small, and the neck is too dark, and there's a dark patch along her jaw where too much shading got out of control.  I'm walking away from it and saying "enough".  It's enough.  It's good.  I am enough!

And you know what?  At the end of the day, several days after I've walked away, and now as I write this post... I look at her and I repeat the words and they make me smile.  They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  And I start to really believe it.

Isn't that what art journaling is all about?  Finding yourself through your art?  I think so.  And I am so glad that I have done this massive year long challenge because I have pushed myself and stretched myself.  And I have really begun to love my art and in the process, love myself a whole lot more.

That's my share this week!  I hope y'all have enjoyed it.  I'll be back next week!

Until next time,

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  1. Oh, I love the gorgeous colours on this! The background is lovely and your girl is beautiful and rather dreamy looking, I think. xx


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