Friday, September 4, 2015

DIY Canvas Wristlet

Happy Friday y'all!  For those of you who are slogging through the last day until a lovely weekend, I hope you enjoy it.  Today is my Monday but I'm ok with that.  This week I feel great compared to last Friday and I'm ready to knock my three days of work on out and get back to the business of painting!

I know I said on Wednesday that I would post this wristlet yesterday and I didn't.  Terribly sorry for that but yesterday was a very busy (but amazing) day.

So straight to the wristlet.  I love wristlet wallets.  I don't always want to carry a whole purse with me, especially if I'm just running to the store to pick up a gallon of milk and wristlets are just so convenient.  My last one wore out and I was using one of my oldest daughter's which wasn't really "me" but I hadn't taken time to find one yet.  Enter the DIY Canvas Wristlet.  It was $2.99 at Hobby Lobby.  Less if you use a coupon (which I didn't because I got something else I used the coupon on!).

The wristlet is unprimed canvas.  Very soft and lovely as is.  But we all know canvas looks better with some paint, right? 

Supplies Used:

DecoArt Media®
  • Gesso 
  • Matte Medium
  • Soft Touch Varnish
  • Shimmer Mister - Turquoise
  • Cobalt Turquoise Hue
  • Dioxazine Purple
  • Metallic Silver
  • Titanium White
DecoArt Americana®
  • Sea Breeze
  • Prussian Blue
  • Purple Pizzazz
  • Whispering Turquoise
  • Spray Sealer - Gloss

Mini Ntural Canvas Wristlet - Me & My B.A.G. (Hobby Lobby)
Heidi Swapp Color Shine - Mint
Tim Holtz Stencil - Bubbles
The Crafter's Workshop Stencil - Zinnia
Hand Carved Stamp 
Stabilo All Pencil - Black
Words - La Vie Boheme Mini Kit by Crowabout StudioB (

I primed both sides with white Gesso.  Just to give a little more structure to the wristlet.  I know it's going to take a beating and I want it to be up to the challenge.

Once dry, I added paint!

This is the wristlet all painted, sprayed, stamped, stenciled, and collaged.  Because the Stabilo pencil around the words is water-soluable and the varnish is very fluid, I sprayed Americana Spray Sealer - Gloss over each side.  I sprayed three coats and let dry between coats then let everything dry overnight.  By doing this, I created an "isolation layer" between my varnish and the media.  It keeps my pencil from smudging everywhere.

I brushed three coats (again, going for that extra level of protection) of Soft Touch Varnish over both sides and the outside edges.  This stuff dries very quickly, has a very low odor, and made my wristlet very supple.  It did not make it stiff at all, it still acts like it would normally.

My very last step was to spray the Shimmer Mister all over the wrist band.  I chose not to varnish eve though this is the area that will take the most wear.  Really, I just wanted to see how permanent the mister is.  I have been using this wristlet since Wednesday and I have to say - so far so good!  The color does not rub off on my wrist nor have I seen any sort of color loss on the unprimed canvas band.  I'll let you know if that changes any as I continue to use it.  I may at some point choose to varnish the band as well.  If I do so, I'll report my findings.

Here is the finished wristlet:

 See that smudge on and around "Free".  Yep, thought I could get away without spraying it before varnishing.  I knew better, but now I really know better!  Oh well.  It all adds to the "handmade, one of a kind appearance."

You can really see the shimmer in the wrist band.  It doesn't show up nearly as well as I'd like on camera, but it does show wonderfully in person.

I hope y'all enjoyed this project.  I know I did!  I enjoyed it so much I went back to Hobby Lobby and got two more wristlets to paint!

I'm off to start my work week.  Y'all have a great weekend and I'll see you next time!

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