Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - Week Four

We're coming very quickly to the last day of September (tomorrow!!).  This month has just flown by so quickly it hurts my head to think about it.  I've thoroughly enjoyed listing this month and I know that this will definitely become a permanent fixture in my year.  If you didn't join me this go round, maybe you'll join me in December!  Enough talk... on to the lists!

Make More....

  • Art (of course)
  • Music
  • Love 
  • Beauty
  • Friends
  • Time
  • Art
  • Cupcakes
  • Laughter

How I Indulge Myself:

  • New art supplies
  • Morning coffee
  • Binge watching YouTube (hello TimeTeam!)
  • Lazy play dates with my toddler
  • Cooking a really good meal
  • Really late painting sessions

Stupid Questions I get Asked:

  • Oh?  You're an artist!  Will you draw me something?
  • Do/will you draw me a tattoo?
  • Why would you have kids so far apart?

 I Can Teach You All About...

  • Studio Organization
  • Making an absolute mess
  • Zentangle
  • Cooking yummy Lebanese food
  • Making lists
  • Baking cookies
  • Making pajamas look good!
  • Painting pencil pouches

Things That Made Me Feel Good This Week...

  • Sweet and wonderful comments on my Blog & Instagram
  • Cuddles from my Wee One
  • Cuddles from my Big Wee One
  • Getting awesome happy mail
  • Getting a package with artsy goodies
  • My officers taking up for me

 My Weekend Routine:

  • Work:  on Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday
  • Friday and Saturdays - cuddles (with my girls) before bed
  • Sundays after work - NAP!
  • Yummy Supper
  • TV & Cuddles
  • Bed

Things I Need to Get Rid Of:

  • The pile of (still) unpacked boxes in my dining room!
  • Negative Thoughts (about myself, my art, my career)
  • Fear & Doubt (about myself, my art, my career)

There ya have it!  Another week done and dusted!  You know what I love the most about listing, besides it really not taking that much time?  It makes you think!  It is very much like those "one word exercises".  You have to really think about what it is you want to say in as few words as possible.  I love it!

I'll be posting the last two lists on Thursday so y'all be sure to come back then.

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