Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Upcyled Pen Pouch

 Hello to all of y'all out there in Blog Land!  I hope you all are having a fantastic week and figuring out how to beat this heat.  I have a little project that I wanted to share with y'all today - an Upcycled Pen Pouch.  Otherwise known as a pencil case/ brush bag/ or what every you choose to call it.  I tote my pens, pencils, and brushes in these things all the time.

This particular pouch is made of canvas and I scooped it up from Michaels for about $1.50.  You can see it in its original form in this picture...

It's a very cute little pouch in its original form but I wanted to make it really my own.  And you know, it was kind of... plain. 

Step One:

Because I didn't really want that cute little typewriter to be part of the finished product, I gesso'd the front of the pouch.  It is not absolutely necessary to gesso a canvas pouch.  It's perfectly fine to just paint right on it. 

Once my gesso was dry, I started adding various acrylic paints and stencils as I would on any art journal page.

I collaged some vintage book text circles using Matte Medium on both the bottom and over the top side of the circles.  I let that dry completely and then continued painting.  The black smudge marks you can see are made with a Stabilo All pencil.  Yes, it writes on everything!

As a final touch, I added some Tim Holtz Rub-Ons.  You rub them on like you would on any other substrate.  I did brush on Matte Medium over the top to be sure they stayed put.

This is the back of the pouch - the back being the side that did not originally contain any design.  It was gesso'd and painted in the exact same manor as the front.

I am waiting on my DecoArt Americana Spray Sealer to come in the mail before I "finish" the pouch.  I want to put something protective on it as it will be handled often.  A friend of mine used a varnish spray on something similar and I want to try the Americana version to see how it does.  I hope it works really well because I have several other projects I want to use it on!

I have some ideas and plans in the works - provided I can get all the pieces in place - to start making these pouches to sell.  I have an Etsy shop but other than signing up I haven't done a thing in the world with it.  Hopefully it will all work out.

That's all I've got for tonight loyal readers!  I hope you will be inspired to upcycle and personalize something yourself. 

Until then,


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