Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting Ready for September's #30 Days of Lists

Hello dearies!  Have you heard?  September is almost here and that means another round of 30 Days of Lists is nigh!  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out my posts here and here to learn more about it.  And be sure to register for it here!

So back to today's post.  If you have been reading my blog since at least March, you'll recognize (sort of) the images above.  Those are the covers for my original #30daysoflists journal I made in March.  Mind you - I added the washi tape edges to it last night and I've a bit of extra to do on the back cover (September).  I did decide to reuse the same journal and use the back pages like I'd originally planned.

So I made a few changes... I changed the binding - originally I'd used binder rings which worked but weren't my favorite.  So I used jute twine and bound my pages and covers instead so now I have this:

 I am in love with jute.  It's kind of a pain to thread through little holes but I love the way it looks.

Remember, all the "fronts" of the pages were printed and used in March.  So I took my Gelli plate and and printed on the "backs" of the pages.

I used DecoArt Americana in Bahama Blue (one of my favorites!) and Dragon Fruit.  I decided to have just one color scheme through out.  You can see my prepped gelli plate full of paint on the left and lots of printed pages on the right.

These are some of the pages.  I used bubble wrap to stamp more of my paint mixture for texture on several pages.  I also used three different stencils and pulled prints using those.

I used Dylusions stamps to stamp my numbers in Azure StazOn ink and used a variety of washi tape.  I'm sure I will add doodles or more stamping to my lists as I complete each one, but I didn't want to have too much on there to begin with.

 I cleaned my brayer off on plain white tissue paper and decided to collage that paper onto the back sides of my covers to tie into the color scheme.

My original plan was to stamp the numbers in a backwards order - opening the "back" of the journal and flipping through from right to left would go in order but I decided at the last second not to.  This way as you flip, you get day 25 on day 25 no matter which month it is for.

Tuesday isn't far away and I can't wait to get started listing!  Remember to check my Instagram daily and the blog every Tuesday for a weekly update.  And don't forget to join me!

Until then,

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