Friday, August 21, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Thirty Three

August Theme
Faces, the Human Form, & Characters

August 15

Art Challenge: Painted

Journal Prompt:  How do I face my Biggest Challenge?

Ok y'all.  This one was hard for me.  Like, really hard.  Not so much the challenge part of it, but the prompt part.  How do I face my biggest challenge?  What is my biggest challenge?  Oh...the possibilities and the thousands of different ways that question can be answered!!

I started with a layer of Tim Holtz Tissue Paper.  Then I took my Neocolors and colored strips of yellows, orange, and red.  I used a brush loaded with water to mix and blend it all.  Love the effect.

I drew my face on watercolor paper and used my neocolors, acrylics, and Inktense pencils to paint her.  I love her eyes.  Not crazy about the hair.  But love the eyes.  I adhered the head using Heavy Gel Medium because quite frankly, my journal is getting very warped and I wanted to make sure she'd stay stuck down on such curved pages!

After that though, I was really very badly stuck.  I still hadn't answered the question in any way shape or form.  So I started playing around.  I used some Carbon Black and an empty scotch tape roll to make circles and paint splatters.  Then I stamped butterflies from the Tim Holtz set "French Memories".  I added a few strips of washi tape.  Still not knowing where to go from here, I added a few stamped hearts from the Dina Wakley set "Collage Hearts" in red and orange inks.

Ok, so hearts.  I'm heading in the direction of hearts, I think.  Light bulb moment!!  I have a Heidi Swapp stamp and stencil in my stash that I think would work perfectly!  I used the heart stencil and some Yellow Oxide acrylic to paint three hearts.  Once dry, I outlined them with a Stabilo pencil.  Once that was dry, I stamped the words from the Heidi Swapp set in white ink.

I used black ink to stamp some quotes from a Dina Wakley stamp set (the clear Handwritten Quotes set that I can't seem to find online anywhere).

I'm not really certain that this page is finished but I can't think of anything else to add to it.  But I do think I have found an answer to the original question.  "How do I face my biggest challenge?"  I face it with "All of my heart!"  No matter what life throws at me and what the challenge of the day/week/month is, I try to face each and every one of them with everything I have inside of me.

It amazes me how much of our souls we pour into our art.  Even and especially when we're not deliberately trying to.  I had no idea what the answer to the Prompt was.  I had no idea what my page would look like.  I just metaphorically closed my eyes and it emerged little by little.  And now I know.  How wonderful and beautiful and amazing is that?

That's my share for the week!  I'm linking up with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Art Journal Every Day as usual and Kim Dellow's Show Your Face and I'll see you next week for another challenge.

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  1. What a lovely page! I agree that your girl's eyes are wonderful! I love the vivid background colours too! xx

  2. Yes your eyes are beautiful! :) and it's a lovely work the rest of it also. I fancy your background, with colors I love. And all the stamps. Still I haven't got a stabilo pencil, but soon will be :) I like that you describe which materials you use.

  3. Yes the eyes on your lady is beautiful! And I like all of her. I fancy your backgrounds with colors I love and the different stamps.
    Still I haven't got a stabilo, but soon I will :) I like that you're describing which tools you use.

  4. Wow,what a beautiful face,love her so much.

    Hugs Jenny


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