Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beautify-ing a Brush Roll

Well hey there y'all!  It's Saturday and I've got a surprise post full of a fun little project I just finished!  I found this brush roll on clearance at my local Michael's several months ago so I scooped it right up - cause every crafty gal loves a bargain, right?  It was a boring but serviceable black and I have been using the mess out of it.  After painting that canvas pen pouch (you can read about that project here), I decided I would give this little ol' brush roll a make-over as well.  Especially since I had a box full of new goodies from DecoArt®!  The majority of products used in this project are by DecoArt® - either their Americana® or Media® lines.

The outside of the roll was slightly slick feeling so I started by adding a layer of Media® Gesso across the whole thing.  Love love love this gesso - nice and thick and creamy!  It goes on like butter!

 I used both DecoArt's Americana® Acrylic and Media® Fluid Acrylics.  I've been using the Americana® paints for years and I can't say enough good things about them - especially with their lovely wide range of fabulous turquoises!  I am so giddy about having the opportunity to play with the Media® Fluid Acrylics!!  These are super fluid paints chock-a-block full of pigment.  The tiniest little bit goes a super long way and they are just so vivid and juicy!! 

This was the super fun bit!  I used Media® Mister in Shimmer Turquoise through the Segmented Swirls 12x12 stencil (Americana® Stencil line).  I got a very clean spray that dried quickly.  I am so blown away by this mister because it is permanent - not water based.  I am used to using Dylusions and Distress which are water based but the Media® Misters are something else and they dry permanently!

I really had to make myself continue on with painting this brush roll once I got to this stage.  I really liked it as was in the above picture!  I love this stencil!!

 So I made myself continue on and I added some more Media® gesso to push the background back, added drips and circles of Media® Fluid Acrylic in Carbon Black and added Americana® Whispering Turquoise through the small Dylusions Dots stencil .  I decided to add splashes of bright colors by collaging a mish-mashed lady put together with Dylusions Stamps (Pondering Petunia, Doolally Doris, Ruby Rainbow, Bits and Bats) and colored with Inktense pencils.  As a final touch I added some word stickers found in my stash (no idea who by) and a few Tim Holtz Rub-Ons.  I also couldn't resist adding just a few doodles with my Uni-Ball Signo white pen, Stabilo All pencil, and I used the orange Sakura Souffle pen for her eyes.

I used DecoArt Media® Matte Medium to adhere everything and on top of the Rub-Ons to make sure they didn't budge.  Once everything was dry I took it outside and sprayed two coats of Americana® Spray Sealer (Gloss).  So far the spray sealer has been perfectly adequate.  It has withstood being rolled up and handled with no damage to the paint or collage elements.

I decided to leave the inside of the roll and the tie as it came as those areas will see the most consistent use and serviceable black is just fine.

So there you have it!  My newly painted and super fun brush roll!  Now I know for certain when I have craft days and meet-ups that I will always be able to find my brush roll and not confuse it with someone else's!

Thanks for reading!  Now go paint something and make it uniquely yours!

I'll see you next time.  Until then,


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