Friday, August 7, 2015

A DecoArt Delivery and a Chat

Man oh man oh man has life been crazy around here!!!!  I don't know about y'all but I just look at my calendar and list of to do's and get exhausted.  Can I fit a nap in there somewhere, puh-lease!?!  No, seriously, a nap would be great.  But there's no time for dawdling so off I go onto the next thing!

So besides being so behind on my art journaling and unbelievably ridiculously busy, y'all will have noticed a distinct lack of posts here.  There's a really good reason for that!  I haven't had internet set up at the new house yet.  It's something I needed to do but just hadn't gotten a fire lit to get it done yet.  Well I registered my oldest for school this week and found out that she will be issued a school laptop.  Uh oh!  That means I better have internet at the house or we will be struggling to find a good wi-fi spot.  So I caved, called, and will have internet the day before she starts school (installation next Thursday, first day back on Friday).  This is awesome because it means I can easily start posting again!!!  And that's a great big YAY! in my book.

I also am working on a new camera mount - something I'm designing myself - so I can start making videos again!  My youngest is now old enough that she leaves me alone (sometimes) when I'm in my studio so here's hoping I can make this work.  I rather miss making videos!

On an even side-er (is it even possible to make that into a word?  I'm doing it anyway.  Making up the rules as I go along!) note, I went to Elizabeth's house on Monday to help her organize her studio and help lighten her crafty supplies burden.  She's working on her nursery and needed to downsize her stash so me being the awesome helpful friend I am, I offered to take as much of it off her hands as she would give me!  I never turn down art supplies of any kind!

This is what my car looked like once I got everything loaded.

 We ran out of boxes and tote bags!  I couldn't fit another thing in there!!!

As I was leaving, she told me she'd get started on another box and by the next time I came there would be a lot more!  Thanks Elizabeth!  Love the stuff and it will have a happy home in my studio!  I'll get to using this stuff just as soon as I go through it all.

Well, I definitely needed some additional storage so I took myself down to Michael's this morning to pick these up:

 I can't wait to sift through all the goodies she gave me and put them away!  Does anyone else enjoy doing that?  I find that half the fun of organizing my studio is getting to look through, touch, and see what all you've got.  Maybe that's just me?  I think it's the hoarder tendencies in me.  Crazy really. 

Another awesome thing happened on Monday.... I got even more supplies!!  My hubby sent me a picture while I was at Elizabeth's of my first DecoArt's box!

 This box was super heavy and super full!  Look at all that awesome potential!!

The contents!!!  Fabulous and wonderful DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics, Media Mediums & Varnishes, Media Modeling Paste, a Media Mister, amazing stencils, and Americana Spray Sealer.  I am in such heaven!  I can't stop looking at it all and just being in awe!

Here's the funny thing about the Spray Sealer... I only ordered one can of it and somehow or another that equated into an entire case!  No wonder the box was so heavy!!!  Mind you, I am not complaining one bit.  I use Gloss Spray Sealer for everything!!!  I use them on my journal pages, I use them on my altered art, I use them as a fixative, and I use them on my paintings.  I don't know if DecoArt meant to send me a whole case or not but I am super glad they did because I will have all the spray sealer I will need for a long time!!!

I have a ton of projects in mind and am so happy to have these amazing products to use.  DecoArt, thank you so much for letting little ol' me be part of your Blogger Outreach Program.

Now, that being said... while looking for an awesome arty quote/picture to top this post with, I came across this picture.  I saw this and it truly hit home with me.  I have been guilty of every single one of these things at least once and most of them more times than I can count.  And that's not good.  It's not good for my self-esteem.  It's not good for my career as an artist.  It's not good for my general outlook on life.  It's not good for my family.  It's not good for my art.  It's not good for my head.  It's not good for my heart.  It's just simply not good for me.   I have noticed a drastic change in myself though.  It started happening round about January when I began doing the Documented Life Project and really pushing myself to create as well as share my work here on my blog and on social media.  I was getting likes on my posts and I was getting really awesome comments from people, from known artists - a few that I truly admire, and from a few companies.  And those really made me feel good and feel like my art was good.  I know that's shallow and I ought to tell y'all that you don't need outside approval and validation - that if you like it and it makes you happy then do it no matter what anyone says.  I do say that and I do mean it, but it feels really good to have others - especially someone you look up to tell you nice things about your work.  It just does.  It's really nice to know that there is someone out there who admires and appreciates your work - it gives you warm fuzzies inside and can put an extra bounce in your step.  There!  I said it and we all know that it's true.  We shouldn't want to hear it but we all do.

When nice people say nice things it helps build your own inner confidence.  It helps give you the drive to continue on doing what you do and it helps you trust yourself.  So it's August now and I've seen how really connecting with the art community on Instagram and other sites has given me the confidence to push myself artistically as well as just put myself out there.  I am overwhelmed by the wonderful responses I've been getting out there.  I have found my footing.  Instead of just looking at the mountain I want to climb, I am putting one foot in front of the other and climbing!  And it feels great!  So thank you to all of you wonderful people who visit this blog and visit me on other social media.  Thank you for giving me the confidence to know that what I create is good and to keep doing me and putting it out there.  Y'all rock.

I can't believe I chatted this much!  Sorry loves for such a long post but I needed to get some of that out of my head!

Until next time y'all!

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