Friday, July 24, 2015

WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Hey y'all!  It's time to play one of my favorite games here on the blog... What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!!

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

I'm sorry.  So so sorry for that but really I had to!  No seriously.  There was a little voice poking me in the back of the eye screaming "DO IT!!!"

But no, for real though... on Wednesdays I like to participate in a little blog hop hosted by the fabulous Julia over at Stamping Ground where we show off our deliciously messy desks and on going projects.

The last time I joined in this blog hop I had just started setting up my studio and it was 20 days ago!!  I know, I know!  It's not Wednesday but I'm still playing because these pictures WERE actually taken on Wednesday.  So there.

Let me just describe for y'all what you're seeing here.... since last time I have gotten my 2 new-to-me tables in place in the studio and am no longer actively working on my folding white table.  However, you can still see my lovely table in the bottom right of the picture as it now serves as a wonderful location to dump and shove things while working.  You can see also that I am still using my drawing board with taped non-stick craft sheet (which has seen much better days).  Not that I need to use it anymore but I'm rather attached to it.

Ok, so let me start in the bottom left hand corner and go clockwise.  Part of my chair.  The journal you see with all the pinks and aquas and black writing is me jumping right back into the Documented Life Project for Week 26.  I had to pick somewhere to start!  It's in progress.  Hiding just under the top left corner of my journal is an ICAD.  Second one I've ever made.

As we go up you can see some Azure StazOn ink, my required cup o' Mountain (crack) Dew and paints.  My lovely fan (as it gets HOT in my studio) and in front of my fan you can see an ICAD I'm working on.  First one ever!  No reason to do it, just wanted to.  And the pack of index cards was $.48 when I was buying my daughter's school supplies.

The blue/turquoise/purple journal you can see lying at the top of the table is the beginnings of a background for one of the #12ArtJournals that I am very behind on.  I was really trying to multitask here.  More paints, pallet knives, spouncers (That word is almost as fun to say and use as "spork".  A sponge pouncer...spouncer!), baby wipes, paper scraps, junk mail and underpaper, brayer, and water cup.

Now for specifics... The plastic container where you can see colorful sticks with white stripes?  Those are watercolor crayons by Faber-Castell.  I bought them last year along with a small pack of Neocolor IIs and a pack of Staedler Watercolor crayons to give them a try.  They're marketed for kids and are much cheaper than their "professional" counter parts.  Under the crayons in the same container are some Faber-Castell Gel Sticks.  Again, they're the kid version of the Gelatos.  Thought I'd try them out.  Actually, that's not true.  I had stuck a bunch of different products on my Amazon wish list while I was trying to decide what to buy and my hubby took some of our tax refund and just bought the list.  Totally awesome of him but it meant that I got some extra things that I wouldn't have gotten rather than some other things I would have rather had.  Oh well.  Can't fault him for trying.  Anyways.....
You can also see my box of Gelatos as well as my big tin of Neocolor IIs.

As for those plastic bowling pins at the edge of the table?  My 2 yr old was playing in the studio and I'm surprised this picture doesn't have her in it.  I truly thought it did.  Must've moved at exactly the right second!

This picture is from later that night.  In fact, it's probably from Thursday morning before I went to bed.  But I was almost finished with my DLP journal and had managed to get a page in yet another journal started by this time.  Oh and that super dark black roll thing in the back?  It's a brush roll where I keep my favorite brushes when I art journal on the go and am too lazy to unpack.

Well that's what I was up to and what was on my desk Wednesday!  Hope to see y'all next week!

Until then,


  1. How sweet of your hubby to buy you your wish list and I like trying the non professional types on some products I'm not 100 percent sold on or just getting a mini kit ... if I love them the yikes I will try to get more when I have the time and $$ :)
    Happy Late WOYWW hugs Nikki 5

  2. Happy WOYWW, Brenda!
    How wonderful for you to have your hubby buy your wish list. You'll have to be careful with what you have on the list with such a generous hubby! I like the look of your desk with its bright colors. I just love your little electric fan! It even matches the journal page and the bowling pins.
    The floral journal page is just lovely!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@3


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