Saturday, July 4, 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - WOTWW - but on a Saturday!!!


Hey yall!  I'm back!  Well sort of. We're still in the moving/unpacking stage (an across town move with little help means lots of little loads in the back of my suv) but I have been able to carve out a little time to start setting up my studio!!

There is nothing on that desk but a whole lot of fun painty mess!!!  But the background has changed dramatically!  There are no more white closet doors!

A while back, I had posted about having 2 rooms to use as a studio.  Well, that hasn't quite worked out to be true, but I do have one whole huge room so I am still super excited and happy!  Here is a quick little "tour" to introduce y'all to my new space...

 My vintage steamer trunk which is perfect for holding small canvas, paints, and other goodies.  Along with my new Raskog tucked into one corner.

 My shelves!  Look!!!  No longer pushed up next to my table.  I can actually get to every single thing!  And my wire basket thing that I found on the side of the road?  No longer lives under my table!

 This is from the door looking into the Studio.  Told ya it was a huge room!  Officially it's the "formal living room".  See that light switch next to my trunk?  It does nothing.  I have no clue why on earth there is a light switch in that room because there is not a single overhead light in there!  It'll be a while before I work out proper lighting in that room so until then I will have lots of lamps.

This is the other wall opposite the window.  One day I will have more shelves and such for storage but for now I have lots more work space (to pile my unpacked boxes on) and some storage!

No more stacked on top of myself corner!  Still have lots and lots and lots to unpack, organize, and set up but it's moving right along!  I also have to get my 2 new tables that a friend of mine is storing and I will have even more work space!  I'm hosting a friend of mine next weekend who is coming from California to stay with me during our Instagram Craftcation that Elizabeth and I are hosting.  I hope she and some others will come by for some crafty play time!

I'll leave y'all with one final picture of some paint storage (taken after I'd done a little more work).  My ex-father-in-law built me this shelf years ago to display some figurines or something and I decided that it worked much better as paint storage.  Before hanging, I added a ton of little hooks along the bottom.  I didn't know what I wanted to hang up there but after I got it all set up, I decided that my tubes of paint would fit really well and hung them all up.  I also discovered that the space between my trunk and the wall is perfect storage for my 2x4' canvases! 

I hope to be back next week actually on Wednesday with some project on my desk but we'll see!  Until then, I hope y'all have a great day and a great weekend!

For some properly messy arty desks, check out WOYWW over at Julia's place!


  1. Oh it's already coming together so well..I love the paint shelf and the hanging tubes...keeping the paint right at the point of delivery..brilliant - and it displays so beautifully too! Love the light switch conundrum!

    1. Thank you Julia! I'm going to figure out that light switch!!! It's driving my OCD self a little crazy. :) I have a "dead" outlet and I'm wondering if that switch controls it!


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