Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lotus Layers - Lots and Lots

Hi!  Surprise Thursday y'all.  I've got a journal page to share with you this week.  I've a confession about this page.  Honestly, I was trying to jump back into the Documented Life Project for what I thought was Week 26.  Oops!  It should've been Week 28 and I still managed to mess up by not actually doing the challenge properly.  This is what happens when I multi task.  Sometimes things go askew in rather awkward directions.

No worries though!  Thankfully I have 11 extra pages in my Dylusions journal so I will simply skip over this one rather than *gasp* gessoing over the entire thing!

On to the journal page itself - poor thing - it isn't it's fault that I cannot read nor count nor focus on more than one journal page at a time.  I still like how it turned out and I will just love it for what it is regardless.

This page is mostly acrylic with some india ink and Stabilo pencil thrown in for good measure. 

I find myself bouncing a lot here lately between the kind of art I have been creating and the kind of art I think I want to create.  I war with my inner artist constantly.  I cannot remember if I've shared a little bit of my artistic background with y'all yet or not but just for the sake of this post we'll say I haven't.  Once upon a time I was on a very traditional art path.  I admired Van Gogh and worshiped his style but could not free my mind's eye to paint that loosely.  I was a very traditional oil painter.  Mind you... this was in highschool, but I had a plan and a dream of how I wanted my art to be.  I had the will of a perfectionist even if I didn't quite have the skill.  So jump forward about 12 years and I haven't bloody touched a paint brush due to major life changing events.  I'd lost my paints and brushes and accoutrements along the way and had to start fresh. 

Since money was a bit of an issue (isn't it always?), I picked up some much more affordable acrylic paints.  I'd really been a snob about my oil paints and brushes - terrible thing I know, but that's the truth and I promised honesty.  I had to have the best.  Maybe not the absolute elite best of the best but pretty darn close.  Isn't a disposable income lovely?  Especially when coupled with an employee discount?  Truly it is.  However, since I knew nothing about acrylics I told myself that I couldn't be a snob because I hadn't earned the right to be such in this new media.  Fair enough and it silenced that particular inner voice.  Freedom from supplies and certain techniques allowed me to open up and explore not only acrylic but other media to be combined with them.  It's really been quite a pleasant journey. 

Back to my original point... the purpose of an art journal is to explore and try as hard as I can that's what I think I'm doing.  Exploring different techniques and ways of using my media.  Exploring different ways of making marks.  It's an awful lot of fun even if there is no real continuity in my style.  Style.  Now that's an interesting word.  It leads one to believe that there is more than just a random mishmash of media being tossed onto a page.  It tricks one into thinking that there is a rhyme and reason for why you did such and such.  In my case the truth is far less interesting.  I did it because I wanted to see what would happen.  Sometimes it turns out well and sometimes not so much.  This page for example... I didn't even think about sealing the layer of writing with a fixative before applying my white gesso.  Over a black watercolor crayon.  Whoops!!  Wet over water soluble equals smearing.  White over black equals grey.  So I went with it.  It gives this page a rather dull-ish, muted, and grungy background.  I'm ok with it.  Next time I will remember to break out the workable fixative.

Hopefully my next foray back into my DLP journal will be more along the lines of "proper week/ proper challenge".  Because I care.  It doesn't matter in the long run.  What matters is that I sat down and bloody painted something.  But there is still a little voice in my head screaming horrible things about how now the entire journal is ruined because I went out of order and didn't follow the prompt correctly.  Evil little perfectionist.  Horrible wee monster of a voice, that one!  I will smoosh it with my journal and hope I can silence it... at least until I get past this page

Don't let your arty monsters get you down and cause you to doubt an entire 17 weeks worth of lovely work all because one page, which is lovely in itself, didn't quite behave properly.

That's my advice on the matter.  I'll let you know how my personal battle goes!

Until then,


  1. How could this page ever ruin a book? It's a stunner! I love it and I also enjoyed reading about how you started too. I seem to be doing things back to front. Stopped all art completely at 19 (bad relationship - long over thankfully - basically anything I was interested in was stupid. Told it enough, you start to believe it.) Didn't find it again till I was 30, thanks to my Mum dragging me along to a night class and my friend taking me to a scrapbook class. Now at the age 38 I've started trying to get my maths and english grades up and am enrolled into an Access to Higher Education Art & Design course starting in September. Hopefully to end up going to uni to study either Fine Art or Illustration - ideally illustration but I suspect the uni for that is to far away.

    We'll get there in the end - where we are happy with our styles. Though I suspect we will always be learning something new.

    x x x

    1. Thank you sweetie! I've been there. I put my paint brushes down at 17 due to major major life things and didn't pick them back up until I was 29. I am super glad that you realized your art and interests were not stupid. I know how badly that hurt though. Very glad for your Mum dragging you to class. The world is a better place because of your beautiful art! Good luck with your math and english. Math is not my subject!!! That Art & Design course sounds intriguing.

      There is always new stuff to learn. That is more than half the fun of it... learning new things. :)


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