Friday, June 12, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Twenty Three

June Theme
Travel Journaling

June 6

Art Challenge: Illustrative Art Journaling

Journal Prompt:  Take Me Away

As you all know, I am in the midst of moving house!  We move in only three days!  Monday is "M Day"!  So super excited for this move as I will be getting my very own studio space and my girls will get their very own rooms! 

So on to this week's DLP page.  The prompt is "Take Me Away".  Oh I could do with a vacation for sure.  All of the stress of this move is just ridiculous.  I go two places when I want to get away (and can actually run away for a few days) - I go to the woods to camp, for a walk, to just be in the cool shadowed green world of the trees, or I go to the beach.  I would absolutely love living on the coast somewhere, only minutes from the beach where I could hear the gulls calling and the waves crashing.  Hello peace and serenity.

So this week's spread is really two separate pages combined.  On one side, I printed a picture of the lighthouse (famous landmark) in Biloxi, Mississippi from the internet, cut it out and glued it to my page.  I then covered the whole thing with clear gesso so I could use my Neocolors on top.  I used a Pitt Pen to vaguely outline the shapes in the image so it would look more like an illustration.  Then I stamped a border and wrote a couple of little verses - yes, I did actually write them!

Here's a close up of the verses

The second page of this spread is my other favorite place... the beautiful woods.  This image is also from the internet but it is of the Natchez Trace... again in Mississippi.  I know Mississippi gets a bad rep for a variety of reasons, but it truly is a beautiful state and while I fought hard in my teen years to break free and move away (anywhere but here!) I do actually love this place.  I adhered using Matte Medium and covered with clear gesso again.  This time, instead of outlining the leaves and shadows, I used my Neocolors to "paint" over the printed image.  I love the effect I was able to achieve!  I then stamped some leaves and outlined them in white to make them pop.  I again wrote the little verse and stamped "Take Me Away".

Here are a couple of close ups of this page so you can see the verse and effect of the neocolors a little better.

Don't you just want to travel down that path and see where it leads?  I know I do!

That's my share this busy week!  I hope y'all have a good one and wish me luck!

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