Friday, June 26, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Twenty Five

June Theme
Travel Journaling

June 20

Art Challenge: Hometown Inspiration

Journal Prompt:  There is no place like home

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm still in the process of moving so I'll be doing this super quick!

I have lived near Clinton, MS for many years now and my husband has worked in Clinton for seven years.  When I go to visit him, we usually take a walk along the "Brick Street".  It's actually name is Jefferson Street but because it is paved with bricks that's what everyone calls it.  The town hosts an annual Farmers Market, Halloween Carnival, Craft Fair, and many other events on this street.  It's cute; it's quaint; it has a real "small old town" feel.  It's lined with these beautiful Brandford Pear trees that change color magnificently in the Fall.  Right now it is excruciatingly hot and I'm still moving house and sweating my nose off.  I could do with a little reminder that eventually the heat will go away and be replaced by this beauty.  Eventually!

My hubby actually works just behind these buildings and I love to go "window shopping" along this street.  It's one I know and love.  So in the middle of June, I have decided to do something completely out of season!

The background is Neocolor II's.  The picture is printed from the internet.  I didn't want to cover up any of that loveliness like I did last week so I just worked around it.  I decided to use the Dina Wakley Hearts because they echo the Brick Street.  The quote is of course from the Wizard of Oz and really just rings true.  My heart's desire right now?  To be finished moving and cooler weather.  And to go downtown and see this lovely sight whenever I want to and know that this truly is in my own backyard!

See you next week!

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