Friday, June 26, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Twenty Five

June Theme
Travel Journaling

June 20

Art Challenge: Hometown Inspiration

Journal Prompt:  There is no place like home

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm still in the process of moving so I'll be doing this super quick!

I have lived near Clinton, MS for many years now and my husband has worked in Clinton for seven years.  When I go to visit him, we usually take a walk along the "Brick Street".  It's actually name is Jefferson Street but because it is paved with bricks that's what everyone calls it.  The town hosts an annual Farmers Market, Halloween Carnival, Craft Fair, and many other events on this street.  It's cute; it's quaint; it has a real "small old town" feel.  It's lined with these beautiful Brandford Pear trees that change color magnificently in the Fall.  Right now it is excruciatingly hot and I'm still moving house and sweating my nose off.  I could do with a little reminder that eventually the heat will go away and be replaced by this beauty.  Eventually!

My hubby actually works just behind these buildings and I love to go "window shopping" along this street.  It's one I know and love.  So in the middle of June, I have decided to do something completely out of season!

The background is Neocolor II's.  The picture is printed from the internet.  I didn't want to cover up any of that loveliness like I did last week so I just worked around it.  I decided to use the Dina Wakley Hearts because they echo the Brick Street.  The quote is of course from the Wizard of Oz and really just rings true.  My heart's desire right now?  To be finished moving and cooler weather.  And to go downtown and see this lovely sight whenever I want to and know that this truly is in my own backyard!

See you next week!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quick Update

Quick update for my darling readers!

Still moving stuff little by little.  Got most of the big stuff moved with only a few things left and snatching things by the trunk-full as time allows.  Between jobs, sleep, unpacking, and life in general it's a process.  As they say, "It's not the destination but the journey."  So ready to be done though!  Maybe next week?

So ready to get back into my normal swing of things.  I'm missing my Documented Life Project challenges, my What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesdays, and my Summer of Color challenges.  Missing it all like mad!

I keep telling myself "soon".  It's all I can do at this point!

Until next time,

Friday, June 19, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Twenty Four

June Theme
Travel Journaling

June 13

Art Challenge: Recording memories

Journal Prompt:  Taking the Road Less Traveled

This week's prompt brings to mind absolutely Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken".  So it was natural for me to think about one of my favorite places in Mississippi - The Natchez Trace.  If you've never heard of the Natchez Trace, traveled along it, or simply Googled it, then you don't have any idea what you're missing.

The Natchez Trace was the only way for folks to get back home, in particular to Tennessee, after having traveled down the rivers to take their goods to New Orleans in the early 1800's.  It was too difficult to get the barges and boats back upriver so they dismantled and sold them in New Orleans and (more often than not) walked home.  It was called the "Devil's Backbone" because you took your life into your hands by traveling the Trace.  It was home to Native Americans who didn't like the settlers and tradesmen who were encroaching on their land and using their old paths.  It was home to many famous highwaymen who plied their terrible trade along the route.  The Trace is 444 miles long and covers some of the most beautiful landscape in Mississippi and Tennessee.  I love it!  I love the history and beauty of the whole thing!

I have traveled the 16-19 mile section of the Trace between Madison/Ridgeland (my hometown) to Clinton (where I live now) my whole life - every weekend for two years and it is usually the quickest way to get to Madison.  I'm very familiar with this particular stretch.  Several years ago I mentioned to my hubby that I wanted to travel the whole Trace from start to finish and stop at each of the Historical Markers located along its length.  I wanted to know just why it was important enough for the Federal government to make it a national parkway and put up signs!  So several years ago, we planned a trip during Spring Break and my hubby, my oldest daughter (this was pre-Wee One), and I loaded up the truck and went to Natchez.  We spent four days and three nights camping, hiking, and driving.  I have probably 2,000 pictures from this trip.  It was hard, dirty, hot, and fabulous!  We managed to make it half way up - from Natchez to French Camp.  Eventually we'll get back and do the other half - from French Camp to Nashville.

My absolute favorite spot was a place called the Sunken Trace.  It's a section of the original old Trace that has sunk down over the passage of centuries below the bluffs.  It is wonderfully still, breathtakingly stunning, and very eerie.  Click on the picture below to pull it up large so you can read the story of the Sunken Trace.

To create this page, I printed out a map of the Trace and picture of the Sunken Trace from the internet.  I adhered them using Matte Medium and then covered the pictures with Clear Gesso.  I needed to give my Neocolor II's something to grab a hold of.  I used Olive, Ochre, and Russet Neocolors and created a blended background.  Using Dylusions border stamps, I created the border around the map, the leaves, and the scallops around my card.  The card is from my stash and I adhered a picture of an "Old Trace" marker to the insert.

I used Tim Holtz Tissue tape along the center to help strengthen the pages as well as add some visual interest.  It also helps to adhere the insert.  The insert is two cards from the same stash as the Old Trace one.  I used them to journal on.  I know I don't do a lot of journaling in my art journal but I wanted to include the story.  After all, this journal will one day pass down to my daughters and they might not remember the story.

I used Dylusions alpha stamps for the words "devils backbone" and my white Uni-Ball Signo to add some doodling.

This page is more "scrapbook" than anything I have ever done but I absolutely love how it came together!

That's my share for this week!  I'll see you next week for another challenge.

Until then,

Friday, June 12, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Twenty Three

June Theme
Travel Journaling

June 6

Art Challenge: Illustrative Art Journaling

Journal Prompt:  Take Me Away

As you all know, I am in the midst of moving house!  We move in only three days!  Monday is "M Day"!  So super excited for this move as I will be getting my very own studio space and my girls will get their very own rooms! 

So on to this week's DLP page.  The prompt is "Take Me Away".  Oh I could do with a vacation for sure.  All of the stress of this move is just ridiculous.  I go two places when I want to get away (and can actually run away for a few days) - I go to the woods to camp, for a walk, to just be in the cool shadowed green world of the trees, or I go to the beach.  I would absolutely love living on the coast somewhere, only minutes from the beach where I could hear the gulls calling and the waves crashing.  Hello peace and serenity.

So this week's spread is really two separate pages combined.  On one side, I printed a picture of the lighthouse (famous landmark) in Biloxi, Mississippi from the internet, cut it out and glued it to my page.  I then covered the whole thing with clear gesso so I could use my Neocolors on top.  I used a Pitt Pen to vaguely outline the shapes in the image so it would look more like an illustration.  Then I stamped a border and wrote a couple of little verses - yes, I did actually write them!

Here's a close up of the verses

The second page of this spread is my other favorite place... the beautiful woods.  This image is also from the internet but it is of the Natchez Trace... again in Mississippi.  I know Mississippi gets a bad rep for a variety of reasons, but it truly is a beautiful state and while I fought hard in my teen years to break free and move away (anywhere but here!) I do actually love this place.  I adhered using Matte Medium and covered with clear gesso again.  This time, instead of outlining the leaves and shadows, I used my Neocolors to "paint" over the printed image.  I love the effect I was able to achieve!  I then stamped some leaves and outlined them in white to make them pop.  I again wrote the little verse and stamped "Take Me Away".

Here are a couple of close ups of this page so you can see the verse and effect of the neocolors a little better.

Don't you just want to travel down that path and see where it leads?  I know I do!

That's my share this busy week!  I hope y'all have a good one and wish me luck!

Friday, June 5, 2015

It's Coming!

and I am totally freaking out!  

On another note, while packing has pretty much halted this week, I did manage to get a new car!  So there is a real happy dance going on here!

I hope to be back to our regularly scheduled program in about 2 weeks!  I have my plan of attack all figured out...

Move necessary items first: 
  • Fridge
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Beds
  • Couch
  • Kitchen Stuff
  • Art Supplies
  • Clothes/Toys
I'm thinking that surely I can get all of that done on Monday.  I'm hoping so anyway!  But the art supplies are almost more important than beds!  I miss miss miss miss art journaling!  Definitely having serious withdrawals over here.  I think my hubby might disagree with the importance level but since he's managed to be absent for most of this move (not his fault really - he has to work and can't take off) it's not really his call is it?  :)  
I have a long weekend of work and packing coming up.  At least I have my mini art journal and some pens that work wonders for long days of doodling.  Gotta get my fix some how!
Hope y'all have a great weekend and wish me luck this week!

Documented Life Project - Week Twenty Two

May Theme
Touchy Feely (Texture)

May 30

Art Challenge:  Textured Paper

Journal Prompt:  I'm So Not Feeling It!

I really wasn't feeling it!  But I made it work.  This week's spread started with some bleed through of Dylusions Ink Sprays on the left hand page.  I decided I really liked the mottled appearance and so I took gesso to the right page and smeared it on thickly  I did pull a little of the gesso onto the left page so there wasn't such a stark contrast.  With my palette knife I pushed and pulled and created all these great peaks and mountain-y terrain.  This makes awesome texture by the way!

Once dry, I sprayed the gesso'd areas with Lindy's Stamp Gang ink spray in Tilt-A-Whirl Teal and Pop Rock Purple.  I dried the ink and sprayed again in several areas to crate some really nice darks and lights as well as blends with the inks.  I added some (originally white) strips of embossed paper from my stash and sprayed it with the Pop Rock Purple.  Over that I added some handmade paper (made by my very own crafty bestie, Elizabeth!).  That took care of the "textured paper" element.  But now what?

I stamped some mushrooms, a body, wings, and a head from several different Dylusions stamp sets.  Colored them all with Inktense pencils and adhered them over some washi tape.  If'd I'd been thinking properly I would have stamped my dangling hearts before gluing my girl down but I never think that far ahead before I start gluing!  I also added the border stamp to just this page - another Dylusions stamp.

So on to my heavily textured page... I used a now discontinued stencil and mask set by Heidi Swapp to create my butterflies.  I used a little white paint to highlight the inside of the butterflies and inktense pencils for everything else.  The leaves are another Dylusions stamp colored with an Inktense pencil.

In order to create the drips with an inktense pencil, I wet a brush and use it to pull the pigment from the pencil itself and then place it on the page, tilt, and drip.  I do this over and over again until I get enough/the right/ intense drips.  I used the same "pull" method to create the splatter of purple as well.

I used my white Uni-Ball pen on the border and added some punched circles of this weird woven fibrous paper/cloth stuff I had in my stash as eye spots.  Using my Uni-Ball Signo 207 Bold pen (in black) I doodled a few circles and wrote the word "Whatever".  The head on my little lady just seems so full of attitude, doesn't she?

That's my spread for the week!  I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you back next week for another page!

Until then,

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