Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Astounding Disappearing Act - an Update

Oh my goodness!  Where on earth have I been???  I have missed weeks of blogging and have basically fallen off the face of the planet!!!  Well no, actually.  I'm still here, just ridiculously scrambling.

If you've been following my blog over the last couple of months you'll know that we signed a lease and were due to move on July 1st.  Being a giant procrastinator I've packed a few boxes here and there but wasn't pushing to break my neck over packing.  Always easier when you can do it relatively stress free right?  Well.... on Sunday our new landlady called to let us know the old tenets were moving out on her way too early (as in May 31st) and she had a proposition for us.  Would/could we move in 2 weeks earlier than planned?  She would cut not only the rent (for June) but the deposit in half and not make us pay the deposit up front but tack it on to our rent over a 5 month period.  I'm no fool, generally speaking, and I know a good deal when I see it - a savings of over $500 and not having to stress over coming up with over $1000 up front!  Yeah, I pounced on that.

But!!!!  Now instead of having 5 whole weeks to pack in relative peace and ease I know have only 3 weeks to stress the h@#! out!!!  To add to the already panic-level stress I'm feeling, I have the added bonus of doing it myself.  My hubby works 2 jobs and unfortunately he actually has to be at work in order to get paid.  Which means he won't be able to help me pack at all!!  I'm not sure if/when he will be able to help me actually move either... another point of stress because I cannot move an entire house full of furniture and stuff all by myself.  We're moving across town and there is no time limit to us getting out of our old house so that's a plus as I can move things little by little, but still.  It is a major endeavor and I am totally freaking out.

Plus I'm way behind on my DLP and I am going to miss about 3-4 weeks of the Summer of Color which I was totally looking forward to.  There is no time for messy art journaling at all!  However, I can play catch up on both of those things in my nice new STUDIO space in the new house.  I just have to get there first.

So this is what my house is starting to look like...

I have so far to go and I'm so overwhelmed.  I ask that y'all send me good motivational thoughts and vibes because I need them quick!

I'm hoping to be back up to speed and creating (and blogging about it) in about 5 weeks.  That's a decent time frame me thinks.  Will keep y'all updated.  Take care and make a beautiful mess!

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