Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Welcome back to another edition of What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday!  This is my 9th edition and I have to say, it's been so much fun participating and totally wallowing in my love of being nosey in other artist's work spaces!

This week I'm back to a messy desk!  Yay!  I'm working on an ATC series for a set that is about 10 days late!  Thankfully I have a very understanding hostess (and she hasn't done hers yet)!!

I have paints and Dylusions Ink Sprays gathered in the top left corner along with paper towels, scrap paper I've used to stamp on, a box of ATC bases and a bag of Distress Inks.  The "R" is a project I will eventually get around to.  My toddler found it and I had to rescue it!  The stamp set hiding under the baby wipes is Dina Wakley's "Scribbly Insects". 

If you've nosed around my desks before you will notice one major thing missing!  Where is the Mountain Dew?  *le gasp*  I'm out and too lazy to run to the store.  Instead I'm indulging in my 2nd favorite beverage - COFFEE!!!  Which, I notice in the picture the cup is empty and it's time for a refill.  Like now.

That's it for the desk, but in other news... my boss got a wild hair up his butt last Friday and moved a bunch of furniture around including my dispatch center.  We'd been using a couple of office-type tables and are now using an actual desk complete with hutch.  I asked the boss man what would happen to the tables and he told me that if I wanted them they were mine.  So scooped them up I did!  Great sturdy tables that I don't have to worry about getting messy complete with the perfect price tag - free!  But how can I use them since my set up is currently temporary by necessity?  That's the beauty of it.

In the next few months we will be moving!  We'll have a larger space, hopefully the kids can get separate bedroom, and while I doubt I will be able to manage a true "studio" room, I am hoping we can find a house with a dining room and kitchen nook.  We are not a "formal dining" family, especially because we go to parents' for the holidays so a dining room would be perfect for a studio!  Anyway, regardless of what we find, I will be able to have some sort of permanent studio space and I am beyond excited for that!  I have big plans for it, starting with my new tables!  Wish us luck on the house hunt y'all.  With the college students moving out for the summer, places will start opening up in the next few weeks and we're going house hunting!

Ok, I'm done rambling y'all.  Head on over to Julia Dunnit's for more fabulous nosey blog hopping!  I'll see y'all back here next week.


  1. Hi Brenda, your desk looks full of promise. Love the ATCs. Have a great crafty week, Angela x 36 x

  2. Go to the store and get your Mountain Dew! lol I am wishing you luck on your house hunting. Can't wait until you get a space of your own. :-) April #54

  3. Lucky you with the found furniture. We will be leaving for our summer home in the next week or so and I will be changing from my "studio" with a door, to my "nook" which is open to the kitchen. Biggest difference really is the lack of door. As you will see from my post I have a couple of fur balls that mean I have to be very orderly with my messy stuff. Still a great space which includes and whole new set of heavy body acrylics just waiting for me.

    Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW or Thursday
    Pat #64

  4. Those ATCs look really lovely!
    Great that you got those tables! Keep them for the new house. How exciting! I hope you find a house with a 'craft studio'.
    Have a great week,

  5. Those ATC look fab - I love your funky heat gun :)

  6. Your desk looks like a great creative space! I didn't get the space I have until we were empty nesters. Before that, it was the dining room table. LOL Have a great week! #65


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