Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Random Tuesday - A Tuesday Morning Mega Haul

It's Tuesday and I want to share with y'all a super mega haul I got from Tuesday Morning!!!  I actually went on a little retail therapy to TM yesterday (being Monday), and no, the irony is not lost on me.

However, I came away with some awesome and fantastic goodies!

 Check out those G45 papers!  Those would have so come in handy week before last!  On a side note - thank you to everyone who wished me luck on the Graphic 45 Audition.  I did not get chosen as a finalist this year.  But that's totally ok.  It would have been a huge commitment I'm not entirely sure I really have time for this year and it gives me a whole year to get ready for next year!  And now I have a huge stack of G45 papers to play with!

As my friend Elizabeth said when I sent her pics - "Wow!  You bought out the whole store!"  I promise I didn't.  I left a few things.  But how on earth could I possibly pass up inks and paints and such awesome papers?  I just couldn't!

Hopefully these new goodies will be showing up in my work soon!

Happy crafting y'all.  I've got to go make something now!

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