Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hey y'all!  I have some news for you today.  Starting in March, I will be having regular weekly posts.  I'm trying to make myself be more creative and be more organized and I realized that my blog is really quite all over the place.  So to better organize this blog and my creative week I am implementing a new schedule for posts!  How fun is that?

So starting in March, you will be able to click the new buttons on the right hand side of this blog and they will take you to my "themed" weekly posts!

Sunday's will be dedicated to doodles and zentangles.

Monday's will be dedicated to all things ATCs.

Tuesday's will be random - could be a supply haul or painting or something else.

Wednesday's will be dedicated to WOYWW - or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Thursday's will be dedicated to art journaling.  I promised myself I would do more this year and I both have and have not... need to do more than just my DLP!

Friday's will be all about that week's Documented Life Project.

and Saturday's will be all about Supplies!  I will be doing reviews, comparisons, tutorials, etc.  If it has to do with any sort of useful tool, supply, or what have you, it will be done for Saturday's!

I hope y'all will enjoy this new schedule.  Right now it doesn't include any new videos, but hopefully I will get some time soon to do some!  My toddler makes it most difficult to make videos so we'll see.

Have a crafty day y'all!


  1. Sounds great!! I need to do that, too. Maybe I will follow you? My goal was to be more creative and write more blog have my wheels turning:)

    1. Thank you! While I revel in creative chaos I am very much a person who needs schedules and deadlines too. I hope you will come back and follow me on social media!


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