Friday, February 13, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Six

February Theme

Layers You Will Love!

February 7

Art Challenge:  When Not To Stop

Journal Prompt:  "Don't stop till you get enough!" (Ooh)

 Ok y'all, can I just start off by saying that this month's theme and weekly challenge were made just for me!  If y'all know me at all you know that I am the absolute Queen of Sheeba when it comes to layers!  I don't know what it is about layers and layers and layers of stuff on a piece of art that just makes me go ga-ga!  All of my favorite contemporary artists are doing it and I find myself in love with their style and staring at their work trying to a) figure out what came first, b) see all of those lovely individual layers, and c) trying to emulate it in some way.  So yeah, layers are kinda my thing.

I tried to be really good about taking pics.  Of course I wasn't all that great at it because once I get started playing I just keep going and going.  Usually when I realize that something needs drying before I can touch it is about the time I remember to take a picture!  But we'll see as we go along just how many layers I managed to get on these pages.  Oh - and kudos to the Dylusions journal as it is holding up under unbelievable pressure!

Layer One:  Officially, layer one is a strip of black and white chevron washi tape I laid down the middle of the pages - I'm having some "issues" with bleeding in the folds of the signature and also with the pages opening flat - so I was hoping the washi would help.  It did!

Layer Two:  Folk Art Acrylic Paint in Teal and Aqua blended with a brayer and sponge roller

I warned y'all that when I get going, I forget to take pics!  Thankfully I have a pretty decent memory.

Layer Three:  Dylusions Ink Spray in Vibrant Turquoise through a round Plastic Canvas used as a stencil.

Layer Four:  Folk Art Acrylic Paint in Patina through a Heidi Swapp Stencil (Circle Lattice)

Layer Five:  Quinacridone Magenta (Liq. Basics) through a Tim Holtz stencil (Bubbles) - used both sides - when done on the reverse it looks like punchinella!

Layer Six:  Smears of Picked Raspberry and Broken China Distress Paint

Layer Seven:  Strips of Turquoise Polka Dot & Chevron Washi tape (Spare Parts by The Paper Studio)

I got bad about photographing things again!  Sorry!

Layer Eight:  Folk Art Acrylic in Turquoise applied with a gift card

Layer Nine:  Bubble Wrap painted with Folk Art Acrylic in Patina and stamped

Layer Ten:  Edges brayered with Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic in Turquoise

Yes I am still very deep in my "Turquoise Phase" thank you very much!  It's my favorite color and it makes me very happy!

Layer 11:  Quinacridone Magenta (Liq. Basics) streaks added with a Catalyst tool

Layer 12:  Molding Paste (Golden) through a patterned stencil (Recollections) in the upper left and bottom right corners.

Layer 13:  Stamped a doodle from the Further Around the Edges set by Dylusions using black archival ink

Layer 14:  Stamped a script stamp (Hampton Art) in Memento Teal ink randomly

Layer 15:  Found (and had to use) my Unity Stamp Co. S.M.A.K. kit from December and used the awesome little quatrafoil/morrocan tile stamp in several places

See what I told y'all about me being Queen of the Layers?  I'm up to 15 layers and I'm really not even done with the background yet!

Layer 16:  Stamped Leaves from the Around the Edge by Dylusions set in archival ink

Layer 17:  Painted those same leaves Lime (Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Acrylic)

Layer 18:  Decided they needed some shading so added some Folk Art Acrylic in Teal and blended with the Lime

Layer 19:  Restamped all those leaves so that I'd have the lines on top  (nifty trick, right!?)

Layer 20:  Doodled with my Uni-Ball Signo white gel pen in the doodle stamp

This is where I got really really bad about taking pics - so sorry about that but I was just having so much fun!

Layer 21:  Stamped that lovely flower  (I'd received my Unity Stamp Co. Layers of Life kit for February in the mail just as I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go with this layout - it was PERFECT!

Layer 22:  Painted flowers with Dina Wakley Magenta and Lime

Layer 23:  Restamped the flowers on top

Layer 24:  Stamped another border stamp under each flower (to give it something to sit on) (Dylusions, Further Around the Edge) and colored in the blank spaces with my gel pen.

Layer 25:  Doodled white dots around each leaf and beside each flower with my Uni-Ball Signo pen

Layer 26:  Stamped the sentiment (from Feb. Layers of Life, Unity Stamp Co.)  When I saw this sentiment I just knew I had to use it.  It was the absolute perfect complement to both this layout and this week's challenge!

Layer 27:  Added another streak of Quinacridone Magenta with another Catalyst Tool (really, was showing my oldest what the tools were for!  But it so counts!!!)

Layer 28:  Added Washi underneath the flowers (Spare Parts by The Paper Studio)

Layer 29:  Added Washi around the sentiment (Recollections)

Layer 30:  Outlined the sentiment

Layer 31:  Smeared Picked Raspberry and Broken China Distress Paint on top of the Molding Paste

Layer 32:  Added a few more random strips of Washi

Layer 33:  Doodled around the sentiment

Layer 34:  Stamped, painted, and restamped the butterfly (Unity Stamp Co. Feb. 2015 Kit of the Month)

Layer 35:  Doodled around the butterfly - because it needed doodles too!

Layer 36:  Added sponged on dots of Dina Wakley Magenta and Turquoise

Layer 37:  Used an Inktense pencil in Indian Ink around one set of washi - thought I'd do them all that way but decided against it.

One would think I would be finished at this point.  But nope - the challenge is when NOT to stop and I was on a roll!

Layer 38:  Yep - just had to define those circles with a black paint pen

Layer 39:  Tons of black india ink splatters 

Layer 40:  Black archival ink around the outside edges

Usually when I get to splatters and inking edges I'm finished.  But oh no - I thought there were a few holes in composition that needed filling!

Layer 41:  Stamped the music stamp from the Feb. Layers of Life kit (Unity Stamp Co.) to try to fill in those holes.  It didn't quite satisfy my so....

Layer 42:  I added some Picked Raspberry Distress Ink (watercolored) dictionary page punched butterflies!!!  (Martha Stewart punch)

Layer 43:  I then decided to make those little butterflies really sparkle and covered them with Glossy Accents!

The Glossy Accents are milky in these pictures because I'd just applied it.  It turns crystal clear once dry.

Am I finished?  of course not!

Layer 44:  I added a little bit of white highlight to each of the leaves using a Faber-Castell Big Brush Marker (White).  I was going to add highlights to the flowers too but the middle one didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to so I left the other two alone.

Now I can think of nothing else to add to these pages and I will call them officially finished!!

Here are some close ups:

The Glossy Accents dried clear on those butterflies and because I only added a little dot in the very center, some of them (the ones I wasn't messy on) curl their wings up giving a fun dimensional element to them!  Also, the texture on the large butterfly was created by drying the acrylic paint so that it bubbled and then I squished it back down with my fingers - I like that it makes the wings look a little more realistic!

Phew!  I'm tired after all those layers.  I have a confession to make.  But shhh!  Don't spread it around!  As I was looking at our wonderful Art to the 5th hosts and they're layers all nicely counted out, I took it as a personal challenge to get as many layers of artsy goodness onto my pages as I possibly could.  Just, well just because I could, you know!

I hope y'all have stuck through this super long and super photo heavy post with me and that y'all have had just as much fun with this week's DLP challenge!  I am super excited to see what they have for us tomorrow!

I'm so proud of myself for having actually managed to do six weeks of this project let alone keep up with each week!  I had intended to do some more journaling this year, but so far that's fallen through.  Really, I'm doing pretty darn good to keep up with DLP and my ATC swaps.  But still, I'm very proud of myself!  My journal is already beginning to show just how bulky it's going to be at the end of the year, and I feel so sorry for that elastic band!  I have a feeling it's just not going to be able to manage!

Take care and have a crafty day y'all!


  1. Beautiful page - I love layers too :-)

  2. Wow, looks great! More layers than me and I like my layers!

  3. This is the most pow image I've seen in a long time. It wakes me up. I love the contrasts, the dots and bold color.

  4. Stunning pages Brenda. Just beautiful. Love the pop of the pink over your background.


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