Saturday, February 28, 2015

#30 Days of Lists

Hi y'all!  I am super excited to share some wonderful news with you.

I won a giveaway from Belen Sotelo over at  She was giving away a spot in the March 30 Days of Lists!  I came across her list bases on Pinterest one day and was interested in doing this little monthly challenge.  I'm so super stoked to have won a spot and I got to working on my list bases immediately!

If you don't know what 30 Days of Lists is, run on over to to check it out.

All of my bases were made with Gelli Prints® on which I added washi tape, dylusions stamps, and number stamps.  I punched each and added binder rings to hold it all together.

I promise, the 17 wasn't stamped upside down, I just punched the holes upside down and on the wrong side!  That's what I get for trying to do something with my toddler playing "pick up the confetti" and stealing my papers!

I left the back of the papers blank because if this goes well and I enjoy it, then I want to do it again!  The challenge is semi-annual.  They have another one in October and I thought it might be cool to do a reverse flip and go back to front with the October challenge.  That way I get to use my book twice and I will have a whole year in one book instead of two!

Head over to 30 Days of Lists and join me in this challenge!  It's only $10.00 and looks like it will be a fun way to be "creative on the quick" daily!

I will be sharing my daily lists daily on Instagram and weekly here on the blog.  If you read my post from Sunday then you'll know I have a whole lot of stuff planned for March!

Have a creative day!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Eight

February Theme
 Layers You Will Love!

February 21

Art Challenge:  Repeating Elements

Journal Prompt:  It's Worth Repeating

Hey y'all!  Welcome back to another exciting Documented Life Project Weekly Challenge!  Last week I was actually a little late finishing and posting my journal but this week I am so proud of myself!  I actually finished it 2 days early!

This week's challenge was repeating elements.  For those of you who follow (or will go looking through now) my blog, I love patterns - especially zentangles.  I truly wasn't in the mood to zentangle my entire page.  However, I was very inspired by Nika in Wonderland's Dylusions Garden Art Journal Page.  I adore those leaf stamps myself and decided that I would see what I came up with.

I did not gesso my page to start with and because I'm messy I had paint spill over from last week (of course).  So I didn't want to just use straight dylusions ink sprays.  I started by laying down a strip of turquoise polka dot washi tape down the center of the layout.  I'm really putting this journal through its paces and am being very rough.  It is holding up so well 8 weeks in, but I've noticed that my first signature is having a hard time coping with paint and ink seeping through.  Because of this, I'm going to be sure to lay down a layer of tape, either masking or washi, on each of my spreads.

So after the washi, I brayered a layer of Turquoise (D. Wakley Media) and then a layer of very messy white (Liq. Basics).  Insta-background!

 I used The Crafter's Workshop stencil, Stones Divded, and some Aqua paint (Liq. Basics) along the right page.  I then flipped the stencil while it was still wet and rubbed the excess paint onto the left page.  That looks like a repeating pattern, doesn't it?  I did the same thing with The Crafter's Workshop stencil, Rosetta, and some Dylusions Ink Spray in Calypso Teal.

Now that my background was fabulous, it was time to break out those wonderful leaf stamps (Dylusions, Further Around the Edge).  I stamped them coming up from the bottom of the page and painted them with Dylusions Ink Spray, Cut Grass.  I took the circles from the Around the Edge (Dylusions) stamp set and stamped them on vintage book paper I'd sprayed with Bubble Gum Pink (Dylusions Ink Spray).  I cut those out and adhered them to my leaves.  Now I had some bright pink flowers!  I used my Uni-Ball Signo pen to add highlights to the leaves and messy scribble circles around the flowers.

 My next step was to add some Molding Paste through my Circle Lattice (Heidi Swapp) stencil.  Now, I know better.  I should have tinted the molding paste before putting it down but I wasn't thinking.  Molding paste will draw up any non-permanent ink into itself.  It will become transparent over paint, but will draw Distress Ink and Dylusions Inks into itself.  While that effect sometimes is super cool it really wasn't something I wanted on this page.  I left it alone while I tried to decide what to do about it.

I added some stamped birds (Dylusions Bits and Bats) flying up from my garden.  I found a great quote about repetition (which I now realize I mis-spelled - oops!).  I originally was going to stamp my sentiment and I started, but then I got totally lazy.  It was a long quote and I was not going to fish out all of those alpha stamps.  So instead I printed it out on some scrapbook paper with my printer.  I sliced and diced my quote and adhered it to the page making sure I covered up that wayward "w". 

Very nearly finished with my layout it was time to figure out what I was going to do about the bleeding in my molding paste.  Again, I know better but I always seem to forget!!!  I tried to cover it up with some Bubble Gum Gelatos but of course, Gelatos don't stick on molding paste.  So I took a baby wipe and tried my best to blend it into the background.  It kind of looks like some sort of curtain now and as there is nothing I can do about it, I am ok with it.  After all, not every journal page is going to be a masterpiece and you're supposed to experiment and fail as well as succeed in your journal.

To try to remedy the situation, I took up my trusty white pen and outlined the pattern.  Then I used my pink Souffle Pen (Sakura) to add a little pattern to each "petal".  I'm quite content with how that worked out, I only wish I'd left the Gelatos out of it.  Oh well, live and learn!  I also used a Micron pen to outline my sentiment and add the author.  At this point there was nothing more to be done and I called it finished!

I hope your DLP pages turned out wonderfully this week and y'all had a fabulous time with repeating elements!

Have a crafty day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Hi all you nosy bloggers out there!  It's time for another addition of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  For those of you who don't know what WOYWW is, head over to Julia's to find out all the awesome details.

Thank you so much to all my wonderful visitors last week!  It was so much fun looking through all your desks and reading your kind words.  I hope I will have a chance to get around to your desks this week - I will do my best!

This Wednesday I have a fairly light workload from the looks of things.  That's not really true regardless of appearances.  I have a ton of stuff to do.  I haeve been very very productive and knocked out almost 3 ATC swaps this week - hoping to finish number 3 and maybe 4 before Friday.  And I haven't even touched my Documented Life journal this week.  Again, got to, must, and have to get that done before Friday if at all possible.  And then I really really really need to get moving on the traveling art journal that I've had for a month!  I have to get that done and in the mail like yesterday!  This week is crazy busy though.

My munchkin turned 2 yesterday so we had to celebrate of course!  Then a doctor's appointment (with shots - yikes!) today.  My mom is having cataract surgery tomorrow and then a post-op appointment on Friday.  Hmmm, not looking good for getting things done by Friday.  Oh well, there's always next week!

On the desk from left to right:

Box full of ATC blanks and ATCs completed and working on.
Sakura Field Watercolor Set (below the atcs) with my favorite Uni-ball Signo white pen next to it.
Inktense pencils & Stamp sets from Unity Stamp Co.
Cup of water, pen and paintbrush
Notebook where I list all my atcs - the chevron one from last week, this time open, the stamp I use on the back of my ATCs, stamp pads, a jar of acrylic paint, and paper towels.
My handy dandy box/package of baby wipes on top of that traveling art journal I have got to finish and my documented life journal.

Remember how I told y'all I wasn't worried about messing up that white table?  Here's proof!  Ha Ha!  I just haven't put my board down yet.  I was using it on my bed earlier and set my table up later.  With so much going on this week I'm trying my best to be minimalist in my mess.

As Porky Pig is won't to say... That's all folks!  See y'all next week.

Happy Crafting!


Ok, so with the weather crazy like it has been all day - the Monster's doctor's appointment was cancelled so I got to stay home and make a great big ol' mess!  I managed to complete my DLP journal for the week, finished ATC set 3 and start on backgrounds for set 4 & 5!  And depending on weather and how my mother is feeling (case of bronchitis does not really fare well with any kind of surgery - I'm hoping they postpone it until she is well)/ what the weather does tomorrow, I just might get to have a free craft day again.  I am so in the mood to get things done this week.  Not sure where that productive bug came from but it bit me hard!

Anyway, enough rambling... as Wednesday comes to an official close, I took an updated picture of what my desk looks like now...

Have fun with that one!  G'night y'all!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Awash with Color - Bookmarks

I racked and racked my brain for something to include in my handmade traveling art journal as a little "happy" for all the participants.  I considered scraps, die cuts, ATCs, bookmarks, anything I could think of.  I even sat down and tried to make something twice.  Nothing came together.  It was extremely frustrating.  Then an Amazon order came in!  I had ordered the Peacock Feathers stencil by The Crafter's Workshop and a lovely peacock stamp from Inkadinkado (you gotta love Amazon's add-ons!).

I used mixed media paper and sprayed with Dylusions Ink in Vibrant Turquoise, London Blue, and Funky Fuchsia.  I lay the peacock feathers stencil over my paper and spritzed with water - ghosting the pattern of the stencil.  I stamped my peacocks and then added sentiments from the "Art & Possibility" stamp set by Donna Downey (Unity Stamp Co).  Let me tell you - those stamps are wonderful, but they are tiny!  I mean teensy weensy itty bitty tiny!  As a final addition to the bookmarks, I added some circles in Peacock Feathers distress ink by Inkadinkado (Circle and Dots), inked the edges and called the front done!

The backs were very plain - if I'd been more ambitious I'd have sprayed them too, but I got lazy.  I did stamp "and then there was a boy" by Suzi Blu (Unity Stamp Co), signed, dated, and added our group's hashtag so everyone would know when and where they came from.

I hope everyone will enjoy these little bookmarks.  Once I finally got going (with this idea) I had a lot of fun making them!

Happy Creating y'all!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hey y'all!  I have some news for you today.  Starting in March, I will be having regular weekly posts.  I'm trying to make myself be more creative and be more organized and I realized that my blog is really quite all over the place.  So to better organize this blog and my creative week I am implementing a new schedule for posts!  How fun is that?

So starting in March, you will be able to click the new buttons on the right hand side of this blog and they will take you to my "themed" weekly posts!

Sunday's will be dedicated to doodles and zentangles.

Monday's will be dedicated to all things ATCs.

Tuesday's will be random - could be a supply haul or painting or something else.

Wednesday's will be dedicated to WOYWW - or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Thursday's will be dedicated to art journaling.  I promised myself I would do more this year and I both have and have not... need to do more than just my DLP!

Friday's will be all about that week's Documented Life Project.

and Saturday's will be all about Supplies!  I will be doing reviews, comparisons, tutorials, etc.  If it has to do with any sort of useful tool, supply, or what have you, it will be done for Saturday's!

I hope y'all will enjoy this new schedule.  Right now it doesn't include any new videos, but hopefully I will get some time soon to do some!  My toddler makes it most difficult to make videos so we'll see.

Have a crafty day y'all!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Seven

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!

February 21

Art Challenge:  Cover Up Good Stuff

Journal Prompt:  Going Undercover

Happy Saturday y'all!  Yep, I'm late to the party on last week's DLP challenge!  I have a really good excuse though.  Ok, maybe two or three really good excuses.  

Excuse #1:  I just wasn't feeling it this week.  I was crafty and productive but I just was NOT feeling inspired to open my journal until late Thursday afternoon.

Excuse #2:  Thursday night (about 11:15 pm), I had to leave the house and go do a couple of things (yes, I do leave my house in the middle of the night to run errands - I don't sleep and it's the best time to go grocery shopping).  I didn't get back until 3 am and was too tired and uninspired to finish my page.

Excuse #3:  When I would have finished it yesterday while at work, I had to train the new guy.  So no crafty time for me.

See, told you they were good excuses!

Anyway... On to the page...

Since I'd been nice and messy with last week's page, I'd gotten some paint on the back of the page.  I wanted to use Dylusions Sprays and since they're transparent I went ahead and primed my pages with a coat of gesso.

See my spot of paint on the left page.  Yeah, well I was interested in toning it down/ masking it rather than coming back to something purely white. 

On to the Dylusions.  Dylusions Ink Sprays are designed for paper - not gesso.  So you get different results when you spray over a gesso'd surface.  I started with Bubblegum Pink, Funky Fuchsia, and Cherry Pie.

Then spritzed with water to blend ...

Oooh shiny!

 Then rolled over with paper towels.  Because I gesso'd the page first, the first layer of sprays really faded once I rolled over it.  But that's ok, because I did a second layer of sprays which made it much brighter.

So I sat and looked at this for over an hour because I had no friggin idea where I wanted this to go.  I wanted some drips so I sprayed some Crushed Grape Dylusions to the top of the page and added some magenta washi tape along the middle.  I also stamped a 7Gypsies text stamp in a few places - I really wasn't concerned with getting perfect impressions, just about adding some additional texture to the page. 
I pulled out my favorite Crafter's Workshop Mini Harlequin stencil and Molding Paste.  I did not tint the Molding Paste because I wanted it to draw up the ink colors and look more tone on tone than stark white.  Of course, it doesn't pick anything up from the washi tape and in the thick spots.

I used The Crafter's Workshop Mini Chickenwire and some Jet Black archival ink on a piece of foam in a few spots.  I like how the ink is really thin in places allowing the background colors to show.  I wish I'd done this in a a few more spots than I did.  I'll know for next time.

I was still totally stuck and inspiration just was not striking.  I added some numbers from a Dylusions stencil in Quin. Magenta (Liq.) which looked really great against the background.  I loved this background but the challenge was "cover up the good stuff".  So how to cover?  Oh yeah... it's brayer time!  I squirted just tiny little dots of Turquoise (Dina Wakley) in spots and rolled very messily with my brayer.  Then I did the same with Magenta without letting the Turquoise dry completely so there would be some blending.

Alright.  Now I have some good stuff covered.  Where to go from here?  You can very rarely go wrong adding vintage book pages so I pulled out some funky ones from and old book on insects.  I tore randomly and inked the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.  Nice contrast and yet it went well with the page.  But now what?  I had some "Blush" Recollections Spray which is a really light pink and a Heidi Swapp Circle Lattice stencil.  Yep, that looked good!

I'm telling you - I really was just not into this page.  I had no plan, nothing.  Usually that works super well for me but it really was just hit and miss on this one.

Since I already had butterflies on the page from the book paper I decided to use my Heidi Swapp stencil and mask set "Butterfly" - it's a really good size and would cover up a fair bit.  I also sponged on some circles and around the edges of the pages with black acrylic.  I got to this stage and had to to run my errands.  Better running errands than watching paint dry.

So when I got back, I decided that maybe some doodling was in order.  I doodled for a few minutes then went to bed.  The next day (Friday) I had to get to work so I tried to doodle some while there in between training sessions.  Then I doodled some more when I got home.  Of course, i didn't bother taking pictures because lighting was bad and I flat didn't feel like it.

I ran across one of my Instagram friend's feed and she'd posted a quote: "The Past is prologue".  That really spoke to me (it's actually a paraphrase from Shakespeare).  So I added the quote with my Uni-Ball Signo White pen and doodled some more.  I finally got to a place where I was happy and called it quits.

Here are some close ups of the finished page:

I promise I used a white pen for all of the light doodles and the writing!  The white ink soaked up the Dylusions and Recollections inks and tinted it purple and pink in places.  I think it's a really nifty effect, however unintentional.  As Bob Ross always says, there are no mistakes only happy accidents.  I used Faber-Castell Pitt Pens and a black sharpie for the rest of the doodles.

I adore the background of this page but not sure I'm digging the rest of it.  Though I do like the big butterflies.  Oh well, I did what I was challenged to do and covered up the good stuff.

Until next time, happy crafting y'all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Hey y'all!  I've decided to jump in feet first into this awesome weekly group of nosey bloggers with my very own What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday.  What is this, you ask?  Why, hop on over to Julia Dunnit's awesome blog and take a look-see!

Since this is my very first ever WOYWW, I need to explain a couple of things.  Man oh man, I can hear Ricky Ricardo - "Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do!"  First off - I don't have a craft room, shed, studio, or even permanent space to create.  One day, hopefully that will change, but for now I work with a temporary set up.  I have my Storage Corner (i.e. Baker's Rack) and a folding work table that gets very messy Monday through Thursday.  Then Friday mornings everything gets cleaned up and put away so I can go to work all weekend without worrying that my 2 year old will get into things or that my new puppies will chew everything up and that my 13 year old can have the use of my tv to play her video games while I'm gone.  My work table is set up in front of my closet doors (which means I have to move everything to get into the closet or pull what I need out of there before I set up the table) so you'll always see those doors in my pictures.  And now you'll know what they are!

While this set up isn't what I'd like it to be (hello - craft room with doors that shut, storage space, and where I can leave stuff strewn about as I work on things), it is working pretty well.

So now that you've got the situation explained (good enough for you Ricky?), here's what's going on this week!

I've just updated my ATC Swap board (not pictured) and it is horrendously over-flowing with swaps that I need to get completed!  So I am lighting a fire under my rear and trying to knock some of these out.  Like literally, it's 2:30 in the morning and I managed to get 2 swaps completed.  I'm very proud of myself!

Ok, on the desk...

Starting at the top left corner:  The pretty chevron notebook is my list of all ATCs I've made and their numbers.  I'm very close to 700!  The red cup is my requisite Mt. Dew addiction.  Lots of stamps and inks.  My bag of Distress Ink, a huge jumble of stamps that I was using, some 7Gypsies Apothocary Numbers stickers that I found in a random spot, a sheet of paper where I was going to stamp (and cut) out a vintage car.  Scrapped that idea!  My #30DaysofLists book is hiding under that paper.  There's my paper trimmer (I wondered where that had gotten off to!) peeking out, my gelli plate, and my tv remote.  I love listening to Pandora and watching Law & Order while I craft.  A pack of baby wipes so I can attempt to clean up my mess.  And let me just say there are about a dozen used wipes scattered in that pile.  Many from tonight and some left over from my gelli printing escapade yesterday.

Then on my craft sheet is my list of ATC Swaps, a stamp and acrylic block, several pens, a couple of half stamped and discared ATCs, and then those 3 ATCs that you see flipped over - those are 3 completed ATCs for swaps.  Since my Instagram group doesn't post before we get them, I've hidden them from view.  Like to keep the surprise going!

I always put a drawing board down on my table and then put my craft sheet on top of that.  Not because I'm worried about ruining the table (I think I see paint splatters on it in the next picture) but because it folds.  By putting the board down, I get a nice flat surface to work on and don't have to worry about the dip in the middle.

For fun, I've included a second picture from a different angle.

Yep, you can definitely see more of that pile better.

My bakers rack in the corner - piled high with supplies and need to do's!  You can see my Documented Life Project journal sitting there accusingly because I haven't even opened it for this week yet.  Those mailing envelopes contain a Traveling Art Journal and I'm not sure what the big one on top contains.  Maybe a stamp set from Unity Stamp Co?  That's the envelope it came in any how!

I save all my Amazon boxes to use as corral units for supplies - not pretty, but they work!  One of these days I'm going to get around to making them pretty.  But not tonight!

I hope you've enjoyed snooping around my desk today.  I tried to give y'all something really worth snooping in!  And I don't resize my pics, so feel free to click on them and make them really big so you can see all the messy details!

Have a great and crafty day y'all!
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