Friday, January 16, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Two

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!

January 10

Art Challenge:  Gesso

Journal Prompt:  “The beginning is always today.” -Mary Shelley

What an amazing journal prompt!  Appropriate for the beginning of a new year and to remind us all that each day is a new beginning.  These days I have to remind myself constantly that tomorrow is a new day and no matter what, I have another chance tomorrow.

This prompt led me to thinking about the phoenix.  From the ashes of its predecessor the phoenix is reborn over and over again.  And if we think about it, each day that we wake we are like the mythical phoenix.  We can rise from the ashes of yesterday and make today burn as brilliantly as the sun.

Thinking along these lines, I decided to use sun colors for this entry.  Fiery reds and yellows, brilliant oranges, and being good - used black as well.

Have I mentioned my decision to start using more black in my work this year?  If not, I meant to!  I rarely if ever use black in any of my work.  It's such a strong color to use and one has to be careful using it because it can be overwhelming.  But black shouldn't be as scary as I have made it out to be - it's a beautiful shade.  Therefore, as one of my "art oriented goals" this year, I have decided to incorporate black into more of my work.

We were to use Gesso somewhere in this week's spread.  It took me quite a while to figure out just where I was going to use it, but I eventually figured it out in the end.

That being said, here is my Week Two journal spread:

Making a mess can be so much fun!  And look at me go - I took progress shots!  While I adored the piece without any white on it - and I truly didn't feel like tinting my white gesso black.... I did finally find a place for the gesso!

Supplies Used:

Distress Paint - Mustard Seed & Barn Door
Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint - Black & Alizarine Crimson
Gelatos - Tangerine
Molding Paste - Golden
Distress Ink - Fired Brick
Recollections Washi Tape 
Stamps - Tim Holtz & Dylusions & Prima
Stencils - Tim Holtz & Heidi Swapp
Black India Ink 
Old Book Paper

I used Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnis to seal my Gelato - I knew I wanted to stamp over it and didn't want it to smear or stick together.  That's why it looks so shiny.  The Gloss Medium worked perfectly to seal it so I will definitely be using it in the future.

Looking at this picture I can't believe I didn't outline the gesso circles in black - I outlined the bird so surely I was thinking of outlining the circles too - I must have gotten distracted.  I even got up to check and nope - didn't add anything to them.  Will have to do that sometime later today!

I did go back and outline my gesso'd circles and it's made a word of difference.  It definitely makes my page look finished. 

I hope y'all's DLP projects are going well.  I'm astounded that I'm keeping up!  But that's one of my main goals this year.  To do lots of journaling!

Happy Creating y'all!


  1. so your background (first picture) was done with Gelatos? It's spectacular! I love the vibrant colors.

    1. The background is done with acrylic paints. The gelato was used on the decorative book paper border at the bottom.

  2. Fabulous!!! I love the colors & the contrast with the b & w areas!! Great job, Brenda!!


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