Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Brothers - Two Mixed Media Canvases

"Brothers" Mixed Media Diptych on Canvas
In the middle of my furious ATC making, I had to pause and break out the big tubes of paint!  I had a commission for two paintings.  The recipient of these paintings has one little boy and had recently just had another.  The comission was open - only request - one of my owls.

I wanted to do something that wasn't baby-ish, fad-ish, but that could be hug separately or together as her boys grew.  So I recreated these paintings based off of one I'd done this summer during the Summer of Color Challenge.  Blues and Reds work for boys' rooms and I thought the owl would be sweet.

The new owner loves them.  And she's just moved the baby into the oldest boy's room, so the paintings will be hung side by side over their beds.

I couldn't be happier for their new home.  That's what's really important you know, about making art... it's about making you happy, but bringing joy to others.

Hope these little guys brought a smile to your faces.

Until next time,

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