Friday, September 26, 2014

Letter Swap

Hey y'all!

I announced a while back that I had gotten on Facebook (which I admit, I'm as bad about updating as I am blogging).  The whole reason I even got on facebook was because some of my Instagram ATC friends belonged to a Facebook ATC Group and wanted me to join.  So join I did.  And it is a blast!

I've been involved in several swaps with them so far with more to come.

One of those swaps was a letter themed swap.  No rules, just letters, and of course - standard ATC size.

I'd just been on a shopping trip with a friend of mine to Tuesday Morning (which I didn't realize even sold crafting supplies!) and had some new stamps to try out as well as some brand new Twinkling H20 watercolors.

I love these fun and colorful little cards.  And I really love my new Twinks!  I promise, those are going to start showing up in more and more of my projects!

Materials used on these cards: Stamps by Hampton Art, Twinkling H20s, Golden Molding Paste, Tim Holtz Bubble Stencil, Colored Pencils, Washi Tape, Alpha Stamps by Hampton Art, and Souffle Pens.

See, I told y'all I'd been very very busy creating!

Happy Arting and I'll see y'all next time!


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