Friday, August 15, 2014

Cracked Glass Tutorial

 The other day I was browsing Instagram and I came across a most interesting piece of artwork (try to find name of person).  *** stated that they had used a technique called "Cracked Glass".  I was most intrigued!  So off to Pinterest and YouTube I went, trying to find out how to re-create this technique.  And let me just tell you - it wasn't easy!

I finally found the perfect video!  Cracked Glass by StampTV

So off to Hobby Lobby I went!

All you need to do this technique is Clear Embossing Powder and a clear Embossing Ink - I used VersaMark.

I started by creating my ATCs using Twinkling H20s, various stamps, Golden Molding paste, a stencil, washi tape, and even some Distress Crackle Paint.

I forgot to take photos at this stage.

Next, I stamped the whole ATC with VersaMark and sprinkled the card with clear embossing powder.  I used my heat tool to melt it.

The trick to this technique is to get as even a coating of embossing powder as you can on each layer.  It's not easy to do, as the card wanted to curl!

The first layer will be pitted and not look all that great.  That's ok!  Keep melting!

While the first layer is still hot and sticky, apply a second even coating of embossing powder.  Melt!

While this second layer is still hot and sticky, apply a third even coating of embossing powder.  Melt again!  By this stage, you should notice that the embossing powder is very shiny, smooth, and looks like glass.  If you have a few uneven spots, remelt and/or apply more layers of embossing powder.

If you have any 3D elements, such as collage or in my case, molding paste, I recommend enough layers of embossing powder to completely cover the element.


Once your card(s) are super shiny and smooth, let them cool for a few minutes.  Then place them in the freezer!  I have had art in a lot of places, but even for me, the freezer was a first!

The video recommended a couple of minutes.  After about 3 minutes I removed them.  Once you have your now frozen card in hand, break it!  I mean this literally!  But be careful not to tear it!  Start in the middle and crack the embossing wherever and however you want.

Because my cards curled on me, there was a definite unevenness to my embossing.  It was very thick in the middle and not so thick on the ends.  I couldn't get any cracks on the ends and it cracked hard enough in the middle to actually pull the embossing totally away from the cards.

So, were they ruined?  Of course not!

I simply heated them both until the cracks melted!  While I had them gooey, I used a palette knife to help spread the embossing liquid into a slightly more even coat.

Then I allowed them to cool a little and put them back in the freezer.  This time I let them sit for about 15 minutes.

I took them back out and cracked them again.  This time, I got the cracked pattern that I wanted and I was careful not to crack too close to the edges.  

It worked perfectly!  I placed both cards under a book to flatten them out a little (which caused a little more cracking - totally ok!).

A word of caution about using this technique over washi tape - it will pull up over the washi tape, no matter what.  But I like the effect, as it lets a little more light in under the embossing and you can really really tell that it's a 3D technique.

Well, I hope y'all will give this technique a try.  It was super fun to do and I will be doing it more often!  I want to try varying the areas that get cracked to just stamped (or drawn) images and I want to see how it works on canvas.  But first, I have to get more embossing powder!

Y'all have a great day!



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  1. This is such a fun technique, your art came out amazing! I first learned this by accident when I was using UTEE and once I completed my piece I tried to adhere it to my project and it started cracking. At first I was upset but ended up liking the end result. Also a quick tip, if you don't really like the way it cracked, you can re-heat it with your heat gun and start all over! It melts the cracks away! Carri~Abusybee


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