Monday, June 30, 2014

Feeding my Addiction for Art Supplies

I swear it's a conspiracy!!  I'm telling you it is.  Why won't you believe me?  You need proof?  Ok then...

There's your proof!  LOL  Yep, a great big whopping awesome coupon!  To put it bluntly - I was in big trouble.  I mean BIG trouble.  The kind of trouble that sends you off to rehab.  Do they even make rehab for an art supply addiction?  My twelve step program was not going to be able fend off this coupon.  It was too tempting. 

I live, literally 5 minutes from my local Michaels.  Been there and done that.  I decided to drive the 30 minutes to another Michaels to see what they had.  Because no 2 stores carry the exact same thing.  And I was happily surprised.  While the set up was TOTALLY different (and a little exciting) they carried many of the same items (hello!  Can I please get a store that carries the Tim Holtz Mini Distress Ink Kit #1??? - Nope, both stores only have kit's 2 & 3 in stock!  ARGH!), they did have a much better stencil selection.

Shopping online is fantastic - you can get EVERYTHING online.  But it doesn't give you that whole "rush" of searching through shelves and bins looking for that one perfect item (on sale).  Thank goodness Hobby Lobby (which was across the street!) isn't open on Sundays.  I would've been in even BIGGER trouble!

I managed to get a ton of stencils and stamps and other goodies...

The really cool thing about the Heidi Swapp stencils ( the 3 that say 3 pieces) is that they not only contain 2 cool stencils, but you also get the mask from the green cut out stencil.  Which is just awesome.  And yes, I really do have an obsession with polka dots.  I can't help it!  Just love them! 

I can't wait to get into these fun new supplies.

I furiously worked on ATCs this weekend while at work.  I can't show you any of them just yet because they're for a couple of swaps I'm doing.  I will say this much though - the first swap is Summer themed and the second is ABC themed.  In my mind, summer means one major thing - the BEACH!  And that of course means the ocean.  Can you see that in my new stamps?  Yep - ocean critters.  And they're so cute!  And of course... I'm going to have to make a whole bunch more ATCs using these new stamps.  Because I just gotta!

Oh, before I forget... I got the next color prompt for Summer of Color - Pink, Apple Green, and Dark Green.

My head is going to explode with ideas for using my new supplies.  And I picked up the green inks yesterday before knowing what the prompt was.  Fate?  I like to think so. 

I'm going to have to make time for extra meetings.  Anyone want to join me for an ASAA (art supply addicts anonymous) meeting?  I need help!  LOL  (so say I, as I'm already planning my next trip to the art store)

Laters y'all!


  1. Oh Brenda! I thought I was the only one they were after! :) Looks like you found some great things. I'm needing some of those alphabet stamps! Thanks for sharing!

    1. LOL Carmen! Oh no, sweetie. You are definitely not the only one they're after! :D I'm loving the alpha stamps - but I love just about anything by 7gypsies!

  2. I wish we had a Michaels over here! Have been needing a good stash shop for ages - I know there is a new bricks & mortar shop of an online shop that I like about an hour away - need to find the time (and dosh) to go inspect it *g*)

    I have been lusting after one of those splatter brushes for ages!

    Would've been rude NOT to use that coupon ;)

  3. I saw that ads too, just intentionally "forget" about it so I don't have to add on to my piles! : )

  4. Brenda, I will join you at the support group. It's just crazy addicting and online shopping is not the same!


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