Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Colorful Bookmark

While at work, I made this funky little bookmark for my eldest daughter.  She loves collecting bookmarks and it's all I can do to keep her out of my patterned paper!

I use mixed media paper out of my sketchbooks to make my own ATCs.  I just cut down the paper to size and the strips that are left over, I'm using to make bookmarks.

I made this bookmark with NeoColor II Water Soluble Wax Pastels (i.e. water color crayons), StazOn Ink in Jet Black, two different alphabet stamp sets, and a fun little bird stamp.  I then added a couple of different washi tapes to finish it off.

I brought it home and she was ecstatic!  It went straight into her collection box!

Don't go throwing away strips and scraps of paper (of any kind) because you never know what you can use them for.  This bookmark took almost no time to make and was a huge hit!

Go out and make some bookmarks yourselves.  Give them away to friends, family, and even strangers!  With all the gadgets that are making books old-fashioned and obsolete, it's hard to believe that the good ol' bookmark will be going away too.  Keep reading alive (and old-fashioned books too) and encourage folks to keep reading!

I'm honestly thinking of making up a whole bunch of them and passing them out at my local Barnes and Noble.  If I can keep my daughter's hands off them!


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